3 happy young boys

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

3 young orphan boys always positive x

Three young orphan children were awaiting a train

No a belonging between them nor owned a last name

Theyd been passed around so much from pillar to post

But their litte faces happy they were together that mattered the most

No one ever stuck with them for more than a few weeks

The doors opened, their matron shovelled them on muttered bye  off she paced they calmly went and took their seats

Wonder what these ones will be like, hope they deserve to have a chance

To foster us kids and stick it out hope they do give us a chance

They sat back in silents watching the world pass them buy

So young but had been through so much already, no one wanted them why?

They huddled close together and came close feeling cosy and protected

They were so deprived of most things but  never winged about been rejected

Passers by paused as these 3 young little mites

They didnt look clean and there were some visable bites

Who would leave such youngers  to travel alone

They never felt badly done too and they never would moan

They lifted each other whenever need be

The eldest barey five and their so glad to see

As long as they were kept as a family nothing else didnt matter

They never known there parents but still liked to chatter

Wonder what they looked like and where were they now

Positive they will reunite one day though not quite sure how

They have never had any info regarding their ma and pa

But believed there would be good reason that keeps them afar

These 3 chubby blonde boys not fazed at travelling alone

Not one item to their names passed on from foster home to home

But they looked at each other and all gave a smile

We will look after each other, even for a long while

We have to keep hope and everything will sort itself out

They would one day be a proper family they had not one ounce of doubt


Submitted: November 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Carlie29. All rights reserved.

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