Dam you weepy eyes, youve pissed me right off!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

im nor impressed cause i have conjunctivis, so im making it known that i dont at all like it!

Everyone knows at least one home wrecking slut

Thinks shes absolutely amazing when shes anything but

She thinks shes delivering something shot hot

She forgets to remember all the diseases she got

She dont care they not clear to see

These tramps have no shame,  nor no minimum fee

These girls still continue to flirt with your guy

Hes no longer single, this doesn’t mean shit, they still give it a try

Not even descrete and right under your nose

She wants to feel the power insecure i suppose

Making eyes at him rubbing her self trying to seduce

They think its attractive that theyre proud there so loose

For a second you panic she could turn your m This is what you get when your a homewrecking slut, i don’t blame you been jealous, you undignified mut,

Your strutting your shit thinking you look shit hot... dressed like a desperate hooker, love you are not

Your deluded you think that all eyes on you, that your rocking your shit

No love your an embarrassment, draping from guy to guy, offering out your diseased clit,

Oh darling, your a last resort, a man likes a challenge and chase

You think you got shit on me, your a fucking discrase

Theres a reason im seen as a bloody good catch

Your a laughing stock to all, your last resort gash

Your mum clearly forgot to teach you to not put yourself about

Don’t offer yourself up without a smiggin of doubt

All your kids, different fathers, you don’t think its bad

That screams don’t respect me, and thats really sad

Your exploiting yourself, offering yourself on a plate

Your a human spunk bucket, a last resort, easy bate

Oh wow you give good oral, and you think your a threat

Ha thats so funny, you seem proud your a sket

You know you will be collared ten minutes to too

Thats not a compliment, you mong, that means you will do

To much effort to wank they just want to cum

And you offer the choice, of mouth, flange or bum,

They cant bear to look at you your face fills them with shame

Fantasising of someone  challenging, theyll remember their name

They don’t no your name, they dont know a thing about you

Why should they, you dont require effort, you offer everything too

You dont see no shame in letting them up your touch

To girls this is a big deal, to you no different to bush

It doesn’t cause you pain that many have there been

You wouldn’t dare count how many your battered ass has seen

I dont want to picture your fanny all beaten and slack

The diseases you must have, from your clit to your crack

It doesn’t even bother you that your covered in bumps

It adds character to the thing all men want to hump

They double wrap their john you see this as sweet

This isn’t for your benefit this is to protect their meet

Ive heard through the vine you can feel your virus pods

They must really be desperate to still dip their rod

Ive heard you can feel your bumps running down their dick

You think its a talent, no skank its beyond sick

You dont see it urgent to get rid of your clap

Not bothered to infest yet chap after chap

You think your a porn star, a lusted after hunny

Love you will fuck any living thing for any kind of money

You will never be seen as more than a whore

If you dont change this whole view you will never get more

The love and respect and be took out on dates

If every passing person knows all your special rates

You insult massively when you compare yourself to me

Im the kinda girl a man wants to take home for tea

To introduce to his mum, knowing she will approve of his choice

You dear will never get to be in my league, you have no idea how to have that control

Make a man wait, want you more cause you treasure your whole

You dont even try to give it a shot, try to get them  working up a sweat

Cause you haven’t been poked by the entire population, your able to lure them in as you value your flower

And your self respect more than how much you can charge for the hour

So no my deer slut i dont see you as a threat

My man worships me because im not a sket

No really love, your tounge techniques aren’t really a one of a kind art

Im sure i can figure it out for myself when im ready, i dont need you to train

I dont to learn all your slutty little tricks, they will not bring you fame

Cos when i feel im  ready i will make his world rock

Cos theres emotion involved not just a ride on a cock

I will make his skin shudder in ways you could not

His eyes are open hes happy to be here rather than blocking it out

My face turns him on, he thinks im hot, this will really make him spout

He has too try so hard to not remember its you

If he does he feels repulsed, and it makes him want to spew

So yeah you made him shudder but it was purely from disgust

What had he come too, this was mortifying, but hey needs must

He brags of our sex life, knowing he admired for his game

If even one soul found out about you he would not handle the shame

So yeah you think your shits made of gold

Im the one they want to cuddle when the nights go cold

All you have to keep you warm is the crisp of cash

They threw down before they shot of in a flash

So no the laughs on me now you could never come near

To the closeness we have, i have fuck all to fear

Go get rid of the diseases youve gained

Its not a reward you fucking knob you should be utterly ashamed

ans eye

If its so easy to get why should he need to try

Cause he wont see that your a bloody good catch

His groins getting drawn in by her magnetic flatch

Not sure if its an illness with no yet known cure

Is it some genetical embalance that creates the perfect whore

She craves the attention she needs to be number one

If she gets there letting them stick it up their bum

Theyre deluded its so baffling they think been a whore

Makes them some kind of celebrity, who will always want more

Having the control and the power to split up hot pairs

She will do what she can to spoil what they get, she really dont care

She will do this even with no interest in your man

Its all to make her feel superior, and she gets off that she can

She has what every guy wants with no ties

Too get this hot stuff tho comes with compromice

The nagging, jealousy and so much unattractive stuff

Shes offering this with no strings attatched, no work to put in to see her in the buff

This is the perfect girl to nearly every singe bloke

Minumum effort, still getting the same price, surely this a joke

Men are lazy this is the ideal path to take

While us respectful ladies left standing, hows that fair, for gods sake

Us good women who hold out for a man, believing this is the better way

Bullshit, they get no hasstle and they still get their time to play

A man always has an image of a woman he could wed

A respectful kind of girl with some sense in her head,

The kind to see a man gets snapped up, they would take a step back

Move on simple as that, not start a detailed attack

Youve got the body to offer and absolutely no self respect

No i want to wait bull they dont see it as something to regret

Bedding hopping happily going from man to man

Why is it wrong to see sex as the key to their plan

It must be some sort of serious mental head block

For someone to get that obsessed over chasing some cock

Then be frowned on my girls cos they dont care at all

What people think of them, and who has to fall

Serious insecuritys to have to prove to their pride

They can always turn their eye of a man by his womans side

Its so morally wrong but yet shows some lady balls to live in this way

They might as well point a sign up their flange saying all welcome to play

They get off on causing hurt to these poor decent lady friends

They dont give a shit who they hurt they will ride till the end

And this is sadly the way this shallow life always goes,

no justice for been worthy of a man they always loose to the whose

Submitted: November 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Carlie29. All rights reserved.

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