let yourself love

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to young people in a new relationship

Submitted: November 24, 2014

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Submitted: November 24, 2014



Here lays my heart i give to you.. no other but you..

Please be gentle with it... its already bruised from the things that you do,

It hurts for a while, and is hard work to repair

You don’t seem to go easy on it its clear you don’t care

If you gave me your heart it would be wrapped in my most treasured of affection

I would be over the moon it would have my upmost attention

You wouldn’t need to worry it would be handled with such care

It would never suffer a scratch nor no other wear and tear,

I would wear him pride of place on my sleeve

Show it to everyone you gave me your heart i would never deceive, misteat or give you any reason to doubt

That you mean everything, my poison, that i couldn’t live without..

I wil find a special place in that heart of stone, you might not care now, but i will work my magic then you wont leave me alone

Im confident i can knock down those walls, loosing your defence

Your scared of been hurt and your feelings been immense

I will make me why in set up camp never go

Show you that im the kinda girl that you will love to have to show

Ill treat you like a king show you what real love feels like, and it is so great

Love can be our drug im floating high on it i will look after you we will self meditate

High on each other nothing beats the feeling you feel

When you know theres a connection there, and that its all real

It can be daunting scary to think of you can get hurt

But its better to love and have lost getting treated like dirt

You win some you loose some you learn and move to the next chapter

You wil take something away from each relationship that you learn from, don’t carry your bitterness you leave it its done leave it behind off you go..

Don’t pressure yourself, have fun, relax and just see where it goes

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