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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

the many types of parents

Everyone has a different idea

Of their main priority that without they would fear

Some live for money, if skint then thats it

The world will now crumble and fall into bits

Its a small square of paper, seriously don’t cry

Ill rip you a square of bog roll just the same, its not you say? Why

Did you enter this world with a bulging wod of money?

No you didn’t, if you die today you cant it with you honey

Yes it can buy things, and make life much more easy

But to get obsessed with how much you have makes me feel quezy,

Surely your family, friends are worth more than that

They don’t cost nothing to buy, they don’t care if your fat,

Their easy to loose though if you don’t treat them right

If they click on money comes first, be prepared for a fight.

What about these high fliers, its all about work

You work to live not other way round you jerk,

Cant you see your daughter sad cos you missed her school play,

Don’t worry ill buy you a toy to make up for it on pay day

You try make out you work for money so they don’t go without

But if they never see you do so, they will have their doubt

Your totally oblivious you don’t even see

One day they will give up on you, cut themselves free,

And you will sit and wonder why the hell they did that

But your mind will drift back to the balance on your overdraft

Your wife had enough also that your never even their

Your don’t even notice shes been having an affair

Till you come across a note propped up on the table

Its over move out, your neglect has made me mentally unstable

Your one love is money your family don’t count

Ive run off with the milkman, oh and ive cleared your account!

Only then does he panic and show some upset

But not for his family but just for his debt

That will build now theres no incoming transaction

Maybe he can get a loan will that help just a fraction?

Then theres the people who move on in life and forget

Out with the old in with the new i like my new wife and kid best

You were fun while it lasted till your mum kicked me out

So ill take it out on my kids, see you later sprout

And you see them in passing one month at a time

The perfect family unit youve been forgotten , erased and it suits them just fine

Make no secret the priority solely lies

With the woman he seeing at the time, uninterested by the cries of his other children  from other  times that went wrong who feel neglected

Each time he meets someone new all his other kids get rejected.

Then theres the bitter and damaged troubled wasters

Still dwell on the past, cant bear others happy he will destroy as we call these the haters

Cant move on and let go of the past, so it eats them alive, they deteriate fast,

This is more like an illness that can strike anyone

But wants the bitter bugs got them theyve had it theyre done

They never be happy they wont even try

Cause so much more problems for themselves, then self pity and cry

Woe be tide if anyone near by feels any type of good

Cos the waster leaches on drains it any way that he could

But it wont make him happy no way never that

He just wants everyone else to be miserable like him, hes a blood sucking bat

He will dwell on the past all the things that didn’t go right

Preferring to dwell in darkness, even if there is light...

Then you have the opposite of these, a true lovely bread of people desperate to please

Go out of their way to make others life more of a breeze,

These are fairies made of gold, there really something special

They do this for no reason, non for them selves, nor judgemental

They simple thrive and find happiness in the selfless of ways

Only bringing joy to the world, truely lightens there days

They wil give their last pound to an old man in need,

They even put first those who suffer from greed

And self obsession with no way to learn how to put others before themself, its always there turn

But the fairies even greet greed with a smile, ask if theres anything they need, they will go the extra mile

They never even care they don’t anything in return

Just making people happy helps there fire to burn.

More likely than not you fit one of these groups

You assosicate with the description ive given, and now thinking woops

Don’t feel bad, its not to late you can turn this ship round,

Let your loved ones know of this discovery you have found

They have probably tried lots to tell you and tell you how they feel

People often are oblivious till an outsiders point makes it real

But now you know why and how you were making them feel

Go home now make changes, be happy, this time make it real

Submitted: November 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Carlie29. All rights reserved.

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