struggle with depression

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

my opinion on depression

living up to the image of perfection, where people love to judge..
to you its a harmess joke... to her it gets too much..
quick to analyse her outline, rather than the detail approaching from the core...
shes spent a lifetime of feeling not good enough... her whole existance was a bore..
Dont judge a book by its cover.. read what theyve felt able to write..
your clued up days so simple.. while her...s she tries to fight...
life is not so simple... weve all walked down different paths..
stop and consider how it may affect her, keeping her head afloat in the bath..
she could end the misery, the self doubt and the pain..
let it all disapear before it drives her insane...
could she find it insider, that urge to survive...
to accept her trueself seeing she got nothing to hide...
shes always been the victim... depressing and week...
but could she possibly change this while dangling off her peak..
what harm could it do... would it kill her to try..
or to finally free, hold out her wings, free to fly..
My point that im making things are never what it seems..
put yourself in her shoes my friend.. shes dying to be free...
the biggest decision that she has laid out bare..
break a habit of a lifetime.. alow them to stare..
but refuse to let this panic, muster some secret strength..
make that change from the victim have a wack at been a survivor full length...
she makes that decision that big leap no more holding back...
turn herself into a true insperaction bouncing back from attack..
spread them beautiful wings.. been careless and free..
for the beatiful butterfly bites back gracefully.. holding the sting of a bee...
you cant hurt her no more... ironacilly set her free...
shes accepted herself.. i know this why.. that girl was me. See More


Submitted: November 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Carlie29. All rights reserved.

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