The Story of The Lonely Man

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A short story of the lonely man, who we can all relate to.

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012





The lonely man will sit all day in his lonely house, gazing out of a lonely window, watching a lonely world pass him by. Can a world so full of people, animals, beings truly be this way? Or is it just the lonely man’s perception? The lonely man will wake up each day, every day in the same way. He will conform to his usual routine. Shower, alone. Get dressed, alone. Eat breakfast, alone. The lonely man will find company in the objects around him. The newspaper that keeps him informed about a world outside of his own, a television that makes an empty room seem full of life, and a shelf full of books that tell him stories of all the things the lonely man wishes he could do. The lonely man will leave his house every day plugged in to his headphones, unplugged from the world.


He walks into an office full of people, noise and life. Yet the lonely man hears nothing, for he is trapped inside the isolated world that has forced itself upon him. People will speak to him and he will respond, yet he is never truly engage. He is polite and intelligent, but these skills are misplaced inside his own reality. Is the lonely man’s isolation truly forced upon him? Or does he welcome it?


My belief: the lonely man protects himself with walls of isolation. This is his comfort zone. He creates a new existence within these walls to shelter himself from the real world. A world which can hurt you if you let it, or even if you don’t… Maybe the lonely man has got it right? He has his own reality, and how can he be hurt by things outside of that? Things that don’t exist to him anymore?


As you sit here alone at your computer reading this, you might feel a strange sense of familiarity. We all build walls around ourselves. It is the only way we can survive in a world so filled with threats; Disappointments. Rejection. Fear of the unknown. The list will go on…


Whether you are the popular guy who is always the centre of attention, putting up a wall of warmth and false confidence to protect yourself from the fear of rejection. Or if you are the girl whose hair is always too perfect, whose makeup is always too perfect, whose smile is always too perfect. This is your wall, for you are scared of what people will think of the real you, the you that you hate but everyone else would love if only they were able to see it.


Do you see the lonely man walking down the street? He is as real as the sand in the desert, but at the same time he is as metaphorical as an ancient proverb. By now you have probably already figured this out…


You are the lonely man.


The moral of the story is this: No matter who we are, we all put up walls around ourselves to protect us from the world. It is our way of disconnecting ourselves from the threats of reality. We need to know that these walls can and probably will break, it’s just a matter of time. We need to face our insecurities instead of just protecting them with metaphorical walls. It is the only way. Face your insecurities and there is no need for these walls. The walls that surround you and turn you into the lonely man.


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The Story of The Lonely Man

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