Unwanted Pressures

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Enlightenment is free.

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



A young mind is an easy thing to waste;
Unfocused and free.
No guidance, structure, or purpose to be.
Going through the motions;
Searching and hoping.
Bad decisions after others;
You want to be cool.
Days turn to months;
Present is now past.
Months turn to years;
Your youth has now passed.
These questions still remain,
No closer to an answer.
Time is ticking,
The anxiety builds.
What will i do? where will i live?
Who will i love? Why am i here?
You spend the nights staring at a ceiling.
Feeling kinda similar, empty and cold.
But one time it clicks;
Enlightened with the truth.
The future is a question that doesn't need an answer.
The present is a gift and thats what really matters.
Happiness is yours, as long as its invited.
Enlightenment is life when you don't have to fight it.

© Copyright 2017 Carlos Santana. All rights reserved.

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