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The Newport News Police Department

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017




I live in Virginia state specifically in Newport News where they have many law enforcement agencies. In the following lines or paragraph, I will discuss the organization and the structure of one of the agencies of law enforcement in Newport news.


The Newport News Police Department is structured to organize human resources in such a manner as to aid in accomplishing the overall goal of providing efficient and effective service to the community. The policy provides the procedure for communication, coordination, and cooperation among all agency functions and personnel. The formal organizational structure of the Department is contained in a chart located on the Common Drive of the Police Department. The structure will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it is compatible with the Department’s overall goals. [17.5.1]


Office of the Chief of Police: The Chief of Police is the chief executive officer of the Newport News Police Department. The Chief of Police is responsible for all aspects of its operations and answers directly to the City Manager, or his designee. B. Management Services Bureau: This section provides administrative support to the Department in the areas of planning, payroll, asset forfeiture, and grants. This section also oversees and coordinates the Police Department’s budgetary and fiscal management functions. Fiscal Services Section: The function of this area is to monitor the expenditures of the Police Department, handling purchasing requests, grant administration, and accounts payable. In addition, the section manages the approved Departmental budget by coordinating the purchases made by the Department and coordinating budget concerns with the City’s Department of Finance and Purchasing, and documents and reconciles the equipment and monies received by the Department because of federal and state asset forfeitures, liaising with the Criminal Intelligence Unit’s Asset Forfeiture Coordinator. a. Payroll & FMLA Detail: This detail prepares the semi-monthly payroll of Police Department employees. This area also processes status changes and maintains personnel records. b. Travel Coordination Detail: The function of this unit is to process the training and travels of Department members, ensuring that the Department is operating within City guidelines and that travel funds are within budget and available [17.2.1].

General Investigations Section

Fugitive Apprehension Unit: This unit handles legal processes dealing with extradition, prisoner transportation, warrant service, and court documents. The unit is also the liaison between the Police Department and the courts.

Court Unit

This unit provides a point of contact between the Department and the courts, to include the Commonwealth's Attorney, judges, and clerks. c. Economic Crimes Unit: This unit investigates cases involving forgery and uttering of checks and other legal documents and other related white-collar crimes when the amount is over $3000, or the suspect in the case is not known. The unit also investigates all frauds and scams, and cases that appear to be the result of a career serial criminal, cases involving high dollar loss, and cases that are extremely complex or high profile. This unit works closely with other jurisdictions as well as the U.S. Postal Service and the U.S. Secret Service.

Special Investigations Section: This section is responsible for the investigation of violations of the Virginia Drug Control Act and violent, criminal gun violations at a federal level.



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