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Women are mothers of the creation

Submitted: August 13, 2017

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Submitted: August 13, 2017






Woman is a creature that plays a big role in the world even the Bible mentioned that God has created woman in last because he realized that without them the world will have no sense. We obviously see that through women everyone in the world came to existence. They are the mothers of the creation, and they are also joys and flowers certain men. Every man has a woman for their mothers and one for their wives. Women are needed and helpful everywhere.  

So, in the following lines, more details will be listed on the importance of woman in general.

Women give birth and the kids that they have brought in the universe are Doctors, Professors, Police officers, soldiers, presidents etc. We have women working in every field, and some of them work like men and they even do hard work also.

What I want to touch in that script is that why certain people do not appreciate women existence? Why do they abuse them? Why Some women accept to be used by men? What can we do to support them from getting hurt?

What I want to touch in that script is that why certain people do not appreciate women existence?

I realize that People in general do not focus on the importance of women’s existence, I think the reason is that those people are ungrateful because they are giving pain to a precious creature, they do not think without women they would never came to existence. They also ignoring that their mothers are women, if they can have heart to hurt other women, one day they would probably hurt their moms.

I understand that some women do know their values, they trust people easily. I do not think Women are weak, they just like to experience new things in life. I see life in them, they are adorable. I do not like when people said women are bad, I think women are good creatures. Bad experiences can turn them bad. We need to find a way to protect them more, not abuse them. There is no excuse to abuse them, they deserve to be happy every day. Every person has bad habits, but they can find a way to rid of it. Not because of a woman bad habit to hit them. Certain women cheat on their men because of lack of attention from their men, others do it because of situations that they are facing for example: money, food, etc. We can help them to recover from the situation if we take time to examine it.  


Without a woman, I would never be in existence, and have my kids and feel like I am important and appreciated. My mom and my wife are women, they are my treasures in life because of them I want to live longer. I have a dream to see every woman lives with joy and peace

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