hey!!!!!!it was really me(the other's feel)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The caring feel of a guy.. This is the male version, i mean the reciprocating feel of a guy, and is the continuation of my previous work..

Submitted: January 27, 2015

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Submitted: January 27, 2015



Walking along a muddy road,

moving in sync with your every stroke,

I remembered the first time i saw you,

and the first time i fell to be true..

Have been seeing you for long,

i tried to be strong,

but at every glance,

i felt my heart would be in a stance..

But you never knew how i longed,

to speak a word with you,

With my heart tryin hard to stay cool,

breaking all my life's rule..

I have loved you for ever as i could remember,

That fluttering feel when i see you is what i fear....

With my heart beating so fast, when i hear your name,

To speak with you is what i craved...

But then one day,

hearing you were in trouble,

Without realising ran to your aid...

But never could i see you any more,

searched a lot around...

Still heard no sound...

Thought i would lose you,

made my eyes cry,

made my heart ache..

Only then did i realise how much i truly loved you...

Fell down a cliff,

broke my ankle and hip,

Still my love for you kept me moving...

Finally found you hurt and all,

felt like my years would fall,

Hugged you tight with no second to choose..

and never did i wanna loose...

Took you to safe place,

collapsed with a big heart,

Love you so much and i felt that my love had a head start....

Woke up a week later,

saw you by my side..

Finally my love for you would never hide...

We never parted again,

for life was no passing train,

Love you today,love you tomorrow, love you now and forever...

Fifty years have passed,

still my love remains all the same...

Because i love you,

love the way we hold hands,

Love the way you smile..

. And will never be ashamed...

Because i LOVE YOU... to be true

© Copyright 2020 carmen2193. All rights reserved.

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