Cameron and The Seven Dorks

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Cameron, a young girl with an attitude, and her 7 loyal companions journey together as they face challenges in High School, friendship, and growing up.

Submitted: February 07, 2016

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Submitted: February 07, 2016



Surprise Birthday Jake!

I sighed heavily as I pulled my long jet black hair out of its ponytail, running my fingers through the curls as I strangled with entangling the knots. It was your ordinary Tuesday afternoon, I have just returned home from the hell hole called school, and I was more than eagered to jump into bed and sleep. But unfortunately I had to get ready for one of best friends, Jake's, birthday party. He lived just across the street from me and my brothers. Alex who us 16 and Havic who is 14, were just downstairs playing video games like they always do after school, but this time they were accompanied by our other neighbor, Max, who's Havic's best friend.

"Alex! Havic! Are you ready?" I yell from my bedroom, setting my hairbrush on my desk as my other hand searched the pockets of my dress shirt for my favorite hairpin. After clipping my hair up on top of my head I slipped on my Converse and quickly tied the laces, hearing the faint groans of annoyance coming from my older brother and neighbor and cheerful "We're ready!" from my younger brother.

Though Jake was one of my best friends and we were nearly inseparable, the boy didn't cease to get on my last nerve. Just last week he and I decided to see an animated movie together. Pretty innocent, right? Wrong. We entered the theatre fine, sure, but the horror started when we tried to agree on a decent place to sit. When I suggested the back so that we wouldn't have to have our eardrums pop out whenever the action scene comes on, but he wanted to sit up front so he could record the whole film on his phone. But what really ruined the whole night was when he started laughing and throwing in criticism and comments throughout the 2 hours and a half that we were there, causing people to give us dirty looks and us almost getting kicked out for disturbing the audience. So even though the boy could be a little shit most of the time, he was still my bestest friend in whole entire world. Why? I ask myself the same thing all the time but came to nothing. Maybe it was the connection we have, how we knew one another since we were toddlers or how we could understand each other and our problems without neither of us saying a word. For now it was all just simple possibilities, but that was okay.

When we were finally standing in front of the certain blonde's house, I watched as Havic reached forward and rang the doorbell. We waited somewhat patiently, as Alex had his head down as he had his headphones on listening to Heavy Metal, to my distaste. In a matter of minutes the door swung open to reveal Jake with the same cheesy grin plastered on his pale face, nudging us inside his house in approximately 5 seconds flat.

"Hey guys! I'm so glad you could make it! Didn't think you would remember." He said as he shut the door behind us, smiling as he stood beside him like glue.

"How could we not?" Alex mumbled as he removed his headphones and shoved it into his pocket as he took a seat on the couch beside his best friend, Carlos, who was leaning forward to pick up some napkins that had fallen from the coffee table in front of them. "You sent each of us about 7 texts during class today about your birthday being today." Alex shook his head at Jake as he and Carlos grinned and held in a laugh. You see, it was easy to tease the blonde, as he was like a total drama queen about everything and he didn't bother hiding it. Either that or he simply doesn't realize it. I found myself smiling as I strolled into the kitchen where I knew Jake's little sister, Jennifer was. "Hey Jenny! How have you been?" I asked with a big smile as we hugged shortly before pulling away, she returned the smile and gave a shrug. "I'm fine, just overwhelmed with all the extra studying I have to do and everything. What about you, Cameron?" Jennifer was like a younger sister to me, we do everything together. Shopping, studying, etc. We could count on each other to always be there for each other, and she understands what a pain it is to be stuck with Jake, who resembles a dramatic teenage girl on her period, character-wise. I support her dreams to one day become a famous pop singer, and she supports my dream in becoming a well-known novelist. And even though she has a huge crush on my egotistical older brother, she's the best little girl I know.

"Huh? Nothing much I guess, though with the near coming exam, it's got me sticking my nose in a book 24/7. But other than that nothing interesting is going on." She nodded slightly in response before going back to pick up the tray filled with 7 glasses of beverages on it, and she walked passed me into the living room. I sighed lightly under my breath as I counted the hours until the end of the party. Parties weren't really my thing and saying I disliked them would be am understatement. From the 7 of us, I was known to be the wallflower. Not that it mattered to me, I was forced to share my world with 6 hyperactive boys and a girl who constantly had her head in the clouds, there had to be someone to set boundaries and such to control the gang. And the someone so happened to be me.

"Hey, Cameron! Do you happen to know where the extra cups are? Max and Jake were wrestling each other and knocked over my glass." I looked up as my other friend, Sandra, walked in while wiping her hands on the hem of her long turquoise skirt. She was the seventh member of the "gang", but she was hardly around as she lived with her father on the other side of town, and the only time she could come way back here was on holidays or something of the sort when she visits her mother. But though she was hardly around, she was still a close friend and we all love having her around. She gave a slight spark to the gang and wouldn't be replaced.

"Tch. How the hell should I know? It's not my house." I chuckle out as I shook my head, grabbing a cinnamon roll from the top counter and took a big bite. "Then what the hell am I asking you for?" She raised a brow as she playfully punched her arm, then walking out of the kitchen most likely forgetting about the reason she came in here for.

"Cameron! Cameron Cameron Cameron -" Jake was shouting as he pressed his palms on his ears as he tried to mute out the sound of Alex yelling at him, after spilling his drink all over his pants and ruining his cellphone. His hopes were that he would get out of this mess if he had some one to defend him. Carlos sat on the other end of the couch watching the scene unfold in front of him, glancing from time to time over to Max and Havic who were once again fighting for Jenny's attention, only that her attention was on Alex and Havic was unaware of the competition and it was only Max annoying the poor girl with senseless humor.

"WHAT?" I hissed through my teeth as I walked in and placed my hands on my hips, glaring down at the blonde as he attempted to give me puppy eyes to win me over. Of course, it worked.

"Your brother is being rude to me. On my birthday, Cameron!" He pouted his lips as he pointed an accusing finger to Alex, who simply rolled his eyes at his immaturity before getting up and making his way upstairs. I shook my head and sit down on the now vacant spot on the couch, laying my head on Jake's shoulder as I let out a sigh. "Let it go, Jake." With no further objections, the boy gave a nod and everyone continued on what they were doing.

Later, everyone gathered in a circle around the table were the rather large chocolate mousse cake sat deliciously, and Sandra backed up a bit as she raised her camra upwards before taking a few pictures of us together, individually, and mostly of Jake doing those silly faces and poses of his. "Okay! Blow the candles and don't forget to make a wish!!" Max grinned and he gripped Havic's elbow as they slowly backed away towards the doorway as they watched the scene, looking suspicious as if they waited for something big to happen. And just as Jake blew the flames, the cake blew up and bites and bites of chocolatey cake blew into everyone's faces all of a sudden, I gasped loudly in surprise as well as Sandra and Jenny who were desperately wiping the mess from our faces. The boys however were cracking their knuckles as they approached dangerously the laughing boys who scurried out of the house and into the back porch. We all turned to Jake with a worried expression on our face hoping he wasn't upset with the little prank that was pulled on him, but instead a slow grin spread on his face. "That. Was. Awesome!!"

Happy birthday, Jake!

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