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Everything seemed off. I ignored it, but that caused me my life

Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



I had the strangest feeling in my stomach. A sense of discomfort that made me feel unsafe. Opening the door, i realised that the sky that yesterday was a bright blue, was now black and dull. A grey cloud was swallowing the sky. It seemed as if evil had taken over. Glancing up, the door slammed closed. A sudden wisp of wind brushed past my face, and i turned pale. Shivering, i stroked my hair back, and started walking.

Looking down, i noticed that leaves were scattered all over the pavement. I kicked past them until finally, I looked above me. The trees were bare, no leaves at all! The discomfort I felt when I left the house was suddenly back and stronger than before. I had a bad instinct, as if something unpleasant was to happen. But I ignored it.

I entered the train. I walked to my usual spot, in the very back, in the corner. I sat and started listening to music. I loved to feel unplugged from the rest of the world, so I would watch everyone, talk and laugh, admiring how people could be so happy when I was always so miserable. But today was different. Everyone seemed, gloomy. No one was talking or laughing, and their was nothing to admire.

 The one part of my day that made me believe that their was happiness in this world, hope,was gone. It was like I was in a dark tunnel, a tunnel that had no opening, so no light shone through.

Walking out the train, the sky was darker than before. No birds were flying through the sky and the sun was no where to be found. People were walking, their faces pale and their lips chapped and dry. I asked myself,

“How come im not the only sad person today?”

I continued my day as every other day, going to work, grabbing groceries and wondering why people were still so gloomy.

A few hours had past, the world still seemed, unusual to say the least, but I thought nothing of it. Sitting on my blue arm chair, a loud sound came from outside.  I swiftly got up, and looked out the window. What I saw, was something I never thought could happen. Something so strange and unsettling , that it brought chills up and down my back.

The sky. The sky was a fiery red, as if it had caught fire. People were running, screaming and arguing. Birds fell, into the roads, causing cars to crash into each other and into buildings. Chaos had taken over! I ran outside and stared at the sky above me. Suddenly, massive balls of fire started plunging from the sky. My first instinct was to run, but I didn’t. I sat there, admiring the fiery sky, as massive balls of death descended from it. My mind was swarmed with thoughts. Was this why the world felt unusual? Is this the end?

Moments later, I snapped out of my trance. I started running down the street and trying to find a place to be safe, until I realised; the ocean. I sprinted down the road until I saw the bridge. People had already thought of it, and were jumping off. I sprung of the end of the bridge, and fell in the water. My lungs started burning, and the air started thinning. I tried to take a gasp of air, but choked. People started drowning and sinking to the bottom. The air was running out, and slowly killing everyone. Panicking, I swam until, I found a plastic bag hovering in the water. I grabbed it and placed it over my mouth. I breathed normally and went under water. I stayed there for a while.

More and more people started to jump in the water. I saw the splash from under water, and my bag started to fill. I arose and my lungs started to burn again. Buildings started crashing down to the ground and the surface started cracking. I took a breath of air, and their was no air to breathe. My head felt heavy and I went under. The water distorted all shapes and sounds. I had an urge to close my eyes. It was cold and slow. I watched the water around me. The burning feeling in my lungs had gone, and everything went quite. All the colours started fading, and I now couldn’t keep my eyes open. I closed them and they never opened again.

That was the end. The world caught on fire, and life as we know it ended. No one made it. No animals, or insects, or fish, or humans. We all wondered why. Why did it end that way? Why did it end so soon, and why did no one realise? It was too late to ask questions now. Save the questions for another lifetime.

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