Intricacies I abode

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This is an attempt to understand myself.

Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



Allured by the song of the sirens

The helmsman steered the ship toward the reef

Attractive maiden’s, roam the surroundings

To be taken, until their thoughtless, loveless

Desires are quenched.


I shield thee from danger, from my own insecurities

I fathom not, what goes through my intricate mind

Emotions and impulses,rejected from awareness

Is what it might be...?


Loveless desires, I have been through in my beyond

Quenched are my bodily thirsts, I guess not!

But, the thirst of my heart, soul, could never be satisfaire.

I roamed; my surrounding’s much like the maidens I see  

Until I came upon thee, allured by the sweet contraction of your lips

Exempt from subjection to the will of others


You thought me to follow my own impulses, desires, and inclinations

Now I can hold my head up high … as my soul takes its own course.

Liberated I feel, from the masters of my own.

With doubtful feet and wavering resolution

Happenings surround me in the depth of its intricacies.


Intricacies I abode, running deep in me, Intricacies, I can never be rid of

Put up a fight, and not to give up, is the test of time, the endless battle?

A doubtful mind the demon in me

Keeps me addicted to worldly offerings

Rightful reason charismatically put

The search goes on, until I inhale last

The search goes on, when this world I pass.

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