to the boy who stole my pride

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About an ordinary girl with a heart of gold.

Submitted: February 04, 2016

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Submitted: February 04, 2016



Dear _,

I thought I was your only. That's the tragic part, right? Thinking you're the one special girl for a guy and finding out you're just another notch in his belt. 

I thought I loved you, it turns out I loved the thought of you. The bad boy who turned good for the innocent, nice, and sweet girl. That was never your plan, was it? 

I swore you were different. I soon found out, you can't force it. I couldn't force you to change, you didn't want to. You can't fix what wants to stay broken. 

I hoped you were my soulmate. I didn't realize when you looked at me all you had was lust in your eyes, not love. You knew exactly how this was going to go. 

You thought you could use me and I would stick around, but I am not that girl and I will never be that girl. You might have gotten what you wanted, my virtue, my pride, and my purity.. But you will never have me. 

You took a part of me, a part I wish I had never shown you. But you do not have my faith, my sanity, my love, or my soul. God forgave me for my sin, just as I have forgiven you.

You taught me a lesson. People aren't always who they seem to be. You took my kind-heart as weakness, but I am strong. You thought I would be begging for you not to leave me, but here I am, opening the door.

Now here we are, months later, and look who's down at my feet begging for another chance. 


Closed door.

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