been prone

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be very still

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




too lethargic for company,

i populate with casual impulses.


the eyelids skid down

shying from dust or sun,

the swallowing muscles have snagged

and only work half-way.

my mouth releases steam and relaxes

the lower mandible to something reptilian,

something about ingesting the sun...

i must've

become sterile in the rain-

can't desire a thing.

but i've been

whelped, grown, dead, again today. no different.

that the hour leaps and ends like a flea

makes me certain time is waste.

i must've watched it,

we hadn't done anything

not in weeks, not spoken and meant a word.

no time, i guess.

no-time disguises in dreamt television

calls for unity in constant moderate

discourse and slyly punctuated emergency!

this is a mother who hands panic to her child

as surely as she does a glass of milk.

still, what could i know,

asleep with my eyes peeled.

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