gun story

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Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013





enthusiasts, rejoice:

Thursday is now Bring Your Gun To Work day.

rest it by your mousepad

stick it in your sock

keep it warm on the fax

whatever,  your choice.

there will be some problems,

this holiday is not for everyone.

to the pathologically high-spirited:

i am accusing you.

you need to lighten up.


what are you thinking

 i've been wrong before.

no hard feelings


no hard feelings.



on Thursday we'll discuss how

there are people in this world

technologically wowed by a lighter,

a retractable pen,

but they have guns.

not a second thought.


before you buy one

know that i know

what you're going to do with it.


i know your mind is clear,

never broken a law in your life.

still, there are numbers i can't protect you from;

using a particular math,

you seem a little mad.

the victim isn't usually so funny, that's all.


i realize


there's real science in transcribing a death note

and with a divine hand warm on your back

pushing gentley,

the note becomes

a holy grail.

the point being,

who am i to set

the norm for bloodlust?

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