i can imagine getting sick

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know yerself

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




i can imagine getting sick

of the miracle of consciousness, Father

certainly i can.


recall the thought that keeps you awake.


(which is,)

more important:

are you grateful for the eyefull?



no, can't see? can't see how?


there's no great TRAGEDY in that,

you can still feel through this meat of yours

in the manner of a half-crushed insect.

everyone can see you, has read about the menagerie of disease

imbedded in your digits alone,

the mitochondria on you even, feared.

act on this, as a single, ill-paced storm.


we would give up, in the face of such divine rot

just turn and eat the earth,

gleaming all repentant and sweet.


as it is, you are numbly circling.

there's a world of muscle in the Devil

not being used to great enough advantage;

 where  is  the  fear?

have we gotten off clean so many times

that we actually are?

no, no, no, and aren't you maddeningly victimized here?

rather haggard form for traditional heroism,

acting as a filter on the side

of a filthy, bathwater soup.

God save the onions. 



please, recall the lonely thought that keeps you awake-


never read, never courted

or fully ignored,

never found, admitted,

dressed, or loved. 

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