shedding genealogy

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are we rightly made

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




i'm as beaten as the body that grew me out,

scraped me off,

and set my scoured flaky peel

in haphazard contrast to

the universe in working order.

my body-empire sprawls with incendiary horizons;

brain fluids crashing foamily upon the face-bones

for a sultry blush-

an adolescent girl

who suddenly irrevocably knows

ardent death by its pheromone,

its warping pulp poured warmly around her ribs,

plasticine and sweet from lip to thigh.

agitated genders abuse and vilify

each other with hearts too fat to love;

rising above their misconnected sex,

chemical disfigurement achieved the long way 'round.

prehistory has always been a fear,


having grown up automatically

without thought or provocation,

some seams on the suit continue to split.


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