skeleton, we nearly lived

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Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




rubber and preventive, he was what i was.

fashioned inside me every stretching joint only

his nervelessness and i, we couldn't meet,

merely quivering likewise to the tune of iron buzzers.

dangling breathless of wind

in this room that smells from the pickling of things,

we are not hangmen but preserves.

we caricature each other over the haired heads

bobbing between us;

he makes my phalanges milk with

dribbling yolk endings, but i can imagine what he might look like

clothed. and

he only looks like that much less-

the evolution in his spine contorting tailless juts out

of his sport coat made not to fit

as if he stole the thing.

but he does not complain,

not even with our backbones

screaming hysterics to our buzzing bobbling

egg of an unfracturing room

and with my face flattening against the ungiving white

i can only, barely, breathe:

christ it hurts it's

skeletal we could've done better

wrapped in the guts of someone else

or at least a cleaner sheet

but we got our gangling fingers goingdidn't we.


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