staying calm

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take your meds

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




a drooly-lipped fear

can swallow any sensation of free space,

but i don't imagine i've been frightened enough

to really feel it in the linings

of the lungs and stomach,

sharpen with inhalation,

and smother in the ensuing release.


we are hostages


i think deeply drugged by convenience because

i never believed that THE END WAS NEAR.

propaganda is a cartoon

i've been eyeing all the time

and there's an inherent double-cross

probably happening as you watch

in broad, Chromium Yellow daylight.

it's a sensible anarchy

there's a time frame

you get the idea

let's move on.


the last time I got angry

well,  it was memorable.

my thought was,

what burns clean, who doesn't.

something cheap

table wine, gasoline,

 the of fate my seasonal fever;

very sad.

a summer night ought to be

bated breath,

push and pull, you know

the frenzy of opposites

crushing each other in an attempt of cohabitation.




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