the revisiting season

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Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




nascent crawling fog looks up

for something to suffocate,

gets blindsided by a bit of light wind-

sun-up just slitted an eye, still unsure if he woke,

sucked in his sides

and puffed out at last to

prove his breath,

rolled dark ells of coverlet off his body

and onto the bed; the city's shoulder-bones

fleeced in cumulus.


a welcome shiver

hums beneath clothes,

quickens the walk,

shoes rackety and the bricks clacking back

happy for conversation,

"the cold is animating"

i can't imagine

a more intense clarity than that provided by the lack of sun;

trying to recall his face as it was

hooded half the time,

parlaying his illness to absence-

the overbearing summer not mentioned,

poorly sidestepped by

both of us

eager for reconciliation.


we've not finished last year's winter,

the window still cracked to its center

the ceiling skinning itself

since the roof never was tarred,

and the hole we pulled the air conditioner from

plugged up with a sheet.

just as we left it.

knotting myself hopelessly

into a snarly companion,



i set by the door

waiting for the first cool,

avenging vapor

to find me home.

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