My horizon

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The mental, physical and emotional strength i would love to have in a real relationship. A woman wants to feel loved and be in love, so this is what it is about. Enjoy

Submitted: June 21, 2014

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Submitted: June 21, 2014



The tease in your eyes is a disguise of your lust for me

The intensity is beyond your words you speak to me

My body answers with commitment and the heart throbbing of affection

I want so bad

The loving you give me pleases my body and soul mentally, physically and emotionally

Every bit of  curiosity is shown on your face

The moaning and groaning, faces twisting and turning

I don't want it  to stop so you keep going

As if i thought you would stop

The intensity is so good in my core i can't let go

Your stroke matches my moan

your hands squeezing my hips make it more of a joy to relax and to resist

I cry out loud, harder and faster so i can come to my horizon

Your peak is nearing, so i hold

And we explode together, that makes it all the better


Carolyn A.





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