Not This Door

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I don't understand.

Submitted: March 23, 2011

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Submitted: March 23, 2011



At the end of a long day

They have supper and watch a little tv

He turns off the lights and closes the door

He doesn’t feel well but he doesn’t say a word.

He joins her in the bedroom

She rubs his shoulders and neck

Nothing needs to be said

Away for a weekend

A cabin in the snow

She is freezing

They go upstairs

And with a fire lit and an inviting bed

He closes the door and keeps her warm

He goes to pick her up from work

He goes in and helps carry her things to his truck

She gets in and he closes the door

He walks around to the driver’s side

Gets in and gives her a kiss

A short kiss

A short kiss that leads to a long kiss

A long kiss that turns into a passionate kiss

A passionate kiss that tells them it’s time to go home

I’m not sure what has happened between us

I don’t know why you’ve closed me out

I thought everything was alright now you’re gone again

I don’t understand

If we could talk

If I’ve said something wrong

You could tell me

Please don’t close this door

Not this door

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