Where The World Began

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A poem about the experience of the universe.

Submitted: May 16, 2007

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Submitted: May 16, 2007



\"This Was Where The World Began\" Danielle Carr

The leaves wafted to the forest floor Not far away, two children walked underneath the branches The crisp, cool air brushing their cheeks

How they longed for home

Trees leaned over the transparent lake The girls walked down, onto the embankment where they sat and contemplated the lake

Soon it would be dark So they knew they could not stay for long

As the sun set, shadows lengthened across the water The girls stood and walked back towards the wood Within the particles of evening light They trudged along the mud washed road

No sound escaped from the dark womb of forest and they held hands as they entered There, within its leafy enclosure they could feel the pulse of the forest

the echoing cry of birds the cracking of branches, and leaves, as they swept to the ground

Together the girls sat down back against back

This was where the world began, they thought.

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