She Who Knows Tomorrow: a novella

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All kindess isn't wise.
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Third’s clutch escaped their home universe years ago, before any of them were old enough to legally take a name and to stop having to risk themselves to keep others alive. She’s still too young for that, and the alternate version of herself that she lives with calls her “Kitten”.

First and Second, the other survivors in her clutch, live elsewhere. They’ve been waiting longer than necessary to join the Named, so they won’t leave her behind again…and they’ve been breaching the laws that govern the Nameless.Now their home universe is catching up to them, and they’ll have to pay the price.

(a novella that'll take the average reader about 1.5 hours to read)

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E-book has two versions of the story: a T-rated "Authorized Cut" with language filtered, and a M-rated "Author's Edition".

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Submitted: August 05, 2016

Third, called ‘Kitten’ by the women she shared an apartment with, kept her attention on the wooden blocks stacked on the dining room ... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

Third led her brother to across the street from a restaurant that was that somewhen’s equivalent to Greek food. First studied the build... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

Raleigh would have been the first to admit that she wasn’t all that good a friend to her housemates. Good friends knew about allergies ... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

Cold air burned Third’s lungs as she perched on the roof of the local StretSec building—StretSec being the public security agency, an... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

They were running in circles, hitting the same parts of town without any further effect. When First started leading Raleigh into a fo... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

Probably half of Third’s body ached, but she didn’t care. It was the familiar ache from deserved manhandling, not from killing zombie... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

First order of business in any situation was to gather data. Raleigh always felt that urge, but activating her tech made the compulsion e... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 05, 2016

Third blinked, and she wasn’t in the warehouse anymore. She was surrounded by the default grayish-blue ceiling and walls of a standard ... Read Chapter

Author's Note

Submitted: August 05, 2016

This is an edition designed for posting on websites like this one, with scene breaks clearly marked in ways that will keep working even i... Read Chapter

Excerpt from “Trust Is a Fickle Business”

Submitted: August 05, 2016

A/N: This excerpt is from the “Authorized Cut” edition of the story. Both the “Authorized Cut” (with “bad words” trimmed... Read Chapter