Training your Dog to Sit

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this in an aticle containing advice on how to train your dog

Submitted: May 22, 2011

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Submitted: May 22, 2011



Training your dog to sit will take time and lots of patience and preferably at a young age but at any age they can learn anything new. With this your dog will grasp the idea of learning to sit. I tend to use the treat method as it is non forceful. This is the most common method. Use the dogs most favourite treats as this will keep them attentive during training. You may feel better standing but you are far better to kneel in front or side of the dog. This prevents the dog feeling intimidated by your size.

Holding the treat between your fingers put it in front where the dog can see it. Then move it up over the dogs head so he can still see it. He may try to jump up or move around or even have his paws on your arm but move treat away and start again. Be patient. Make sure you dont give up the treat either as this is crucial to this idea of training. If his bottom goes down and he is in the sit even for a second, then give the command sit and praise him lots with the treat too. Make a real fus of him.

The more times this is repeated the more the dog will get the idea. Never try to force the dog into position or get frustrated either. If you feel like this then do not train on this day. Be calm and he will get it. Try not to train alot in the one time as the dog will get bored.

Evetually you will be able to stand up and give the sit command and hand signal without any treats. But keep them handy in your pocket and give a treat every so often, as this will keep the dog interested in you.

Always make a huge fus when he gets it right, and that how to train your dog to sit.


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