Head or Tails

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I was given a choice of unimaginable power but I decided to walk outside the path of neither.

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



“Head or tails?” she flicked the coin and it landed nicely in her palm.

“Neither,” I said gently and shook my head.

“One last chance for a wish granted,” she enforced and stood irritably.

I turned my head and walked away. Facing the direction I had come from. The white light got dimmer but her voice still haunted. “You have a chance for power and you are denying it?!”

I looked back at her and pointed my head in the direction of a living corpse. He walked feebly to the queue of wishes with two nurses by his side. His skin had turned bluish and his ribs were protruding from both sides. “Nothing great comes out from it,” I gave a tired gaze and continued back my journey.

She opened her mouth to thunder again and I spun around with my index finger in her face. “You know I am special that’s why you brought me here. Now let me leave!” my voice grew louder, my eyebrows knitted, my face was unpleasant and I gave a snout to every guard I passed.

“Seize him!” she shouted when her persuasion met its match.

Guards by the side took a tad slower to respond and I was given freeway to every guard I met. By a minute, I have hundred hot on my heels. I brought my arms closer, unafraid of the pressure. My legs leaped wider and my resolve even stronger.

“I lead my own life!” not breathless by my run.

At the exit stood the last two fiercest guards. “None shall pass,” and an “X” was formed with the spears in their hands. Hundred steps came, stomping to the site. A gust of wind blew to remind me of my mission. I gave a punch twice to both the ugly beasts. I leaped up high and jumped in the abyss of darkness.

Down I fell and hit my head on a soft matter. I was knocked out cold but I reopened my eyes in seconds. “Are you okay?” my worried mother asked. The heartbeat machine notified I was still very alive. Doctors in cloaks, and nurses in white, flocked to my side when I reopened my eyes.

“Sorry I was late. I had a debate with a God.”

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