The Big Fight

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A huge, angry fight between cats and dogs.

Submitted: March 20, 2014

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Submitted: March 20, 2014



One day, there lived a cat named Queen Cat with her 50 cats. She lived in a huge castile. It was dark blue and almost every room was a dongeon. Two candles lit up at the window of every one of them and the inside of the castile was dark. At the front of the castile, a sign that had an angry cat on it. It showed a sign that the castile is only for cats, and only for cats.

A dog, named King Dog, and his 50 dogs wanted to steal the cats' castile. So they went to the home of the cats. The cats saw them and got very mad. One dog, named Paddy, didn't like Queen Cat or her cats at all. She would always stare at her. "What is she staring at," exclaimed the Queen Cat. "I think she doesn't like you. Maybe thats why," said Cuddles, one of the Queen's cat. 

"Whatever you want, dogs, I'm not giving my castile to you! No way I am!" Queen Cat was very angry. "Well you have to, or you'll get a very bad consiquence from us," said King Dog. Queen Cat tried to forget about the annoying dog, so she started getting mad at that grumpy dog, Paddy. 

"Paddy," she called. "You!" Paddy got very angry about this. Her friend was a dog named Sparky, who stayed right next to Paddy almost the whole day, everyday. Queen Cat got very mad and pounded on the window rim. Then she closed the curtains. She peaked through to see what was going on now. "What a silly cat," Sparky said. "Yeah," said Paddy. She stuck her toungue out at Queen Cat. She saw this and angrily closed the curtains.

Queen Cat wanted to get rid of the dogs. She could not stand them. She started pacing to think up a way to get rid of them–forever. Soon, she was pacing for an hour. "I've got an idea," exclaimed Queen Cat suddenly. "Those dogs would be very mad, they'd leave if I did this to them! I must tell my cats now!" Queen Cat had gotten a very bad idea. She would dig a hole, and put something bad in it. That was going to be fire. But not just any fire–fake fire. She would decide to use fake fire instead of real because she didn't exactly want to hurt a dog–just a trick so the dogs would get mad and leave.

After telling the cats about the fake fire, she told them "I'm planning to make that silly dog, Paddy, fall into the hole!" All the cats agreed that this was a great trick and got to work. They got shovels and started digging a huge hole. Then, they put the fake fire into it. The fake fire would make any dog sleep for five hours if they touched it. Then, the cats waited until night.

When it was night, the dogs came and howled at the moon right in front of the cats' castile. They were doing it very loud, trying to annoy the cats. Queen Cat and the other cats were very happy the dogs were here. This will be their chance to get rid of the dogs!

Queen Cat opened the door and called out to King Dog. Paddy gave Queen Cat a dirty look. "Hey you dogs!" All the dogs looked up. "Would you like to come inside and chase us?" said Queen Cat. King Dog smiled and said "Well, I would be delighted."

The dogs started chasing each cat, but the cats were prepared. But soon, Sparky caught Furry, one of the cats, and pushed her into the (fake) fire hole! She was stuck on the cliff of the hole! Queen Cat was very frightened when she saw this. She was desperate. "Hold on Furry! I'm coming," said Queen Cat. King Dog tried to stop her, but he just fell. "You can't get away with this!" Then Paddy got mad when she saw Queen Cat running to save Furry. "Oh, no you don't," she exclaimed. This made her throw a rock right in the Queen's path she was running in.

That made her trip over the rock and bump into Sparky! Now Sparky was really in trouble! Queen Cat was able to save Furry, but Sparky was not. She flipped up in the air when the Queen bumped her. All the dogs knew what was going to happen. Some cats also knew. One cat was cheering on. "Yeah! Alright," said Charlie. A dog was very sad about this. "Oh, no! He's cheering on too," he said.

"Ahhhhhh," Sparky yelled and she fell into the (fake!) fire. Cats and dogs started to gasp. 

King Dog was so shocked, he was speechless. All the dogs gave angry faces at Queen Cat. King Dog was folding his arms and tapping his foot. "That's it!" he finally said. "We are going to do that consequence for you!" Once more, cats started to gasp. "No! Don't do that! It's just that I tripped over a sharp rock and fell and—and bumped into Sparky. I didn't mean to, I just wanted to save Furry," said Queen Cat. At the time she was saying all this, she had forgotten the fire was fake. 

"Right! I don't believe you," screamed King Dog. "No, you have to believe me," Queen Cat answered. At the same time they were arguing, Paddy was burning up. She was getting more and more angry as soon as the fake fire turned to fake lava. Suddenly, Paddy couldn't stand it and she jumped up into the air saying "Why did you do that?" to Queen Cat. She said it so loud that King Dog's ears went all the way up! Now he was dizzy.

"Why did you do that," Paddy yelled again. "Why did you do that?" Queen Cat started forming tears. "It was on accident, I didn't mean to!" said Queen Cat quickly. Paddy was very angry, she had to yell. "No! Not true!" It was Paddy's fault since she threw the rock, Queen Cat thought. "I am never going to—"

"I'm leaving, since all of you dogs don't like me," yelled the Queen suddenly. "Huh, I don't care. I want you to leave," said Paddy. "I agree," said King Dog. Then, Queen Cat cried very hard and when to pack her suit case. King Dog started to feel bad, but Paddy was happy. 

Sparky had woken up from her sleep in the lava, which had dried up and turned out to be balloons. She didn't want Paddy to be grumpy and mean, so she thought up a trick to teach her a lesson.

"Paaaddy," She said. "Huh," said Paddy. The room started to be quiet. Then, Sparky sneaked behind Paddy and siad "Boo!"

"Yikes," exclaimed Paddy. She looked behind her and— "Sparky?! But how?" Queen Cat suddenly remembered the fire was fake! "Ah, I almost forgot! This is fake!" 

Everyone was surprised, even King Dog. "Well—I'm sorry for telling you to leave and—yelling," said Paddy. "I'm sorry for agreeing for you to leave," said King Dog. "And I'm sorry for trying to hurt your cat," said Sparky.

Everyone had a party since everything was okay. The mad cat face sign magically turned into a picture of happy dogs and cats. Queen Cat removed all the scary stuff in her castile and the dongeouns.

And Paddy was never a grumpy dog again.

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