The Greedy Cat

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A greedy cat who takes everything and anything he wants.

Submitted: March 08, 2014

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Submitted: March 08, 2014



Once, there was a cat that was perfectly perfect. His name is Charlie. Charlie was a very greedy cat. He got everything and anything he wanted. Whenever he saw another cat have something he wanted, he just ran to the other cat, hurt its feelings, and take away the object. No one wanted to be his friend because of this, and they were very scared of him.

The first time he started being greedy was when he took too much food of his favorite from his "friend". His friend, isn't his friend anymore.

Charlie started getting greedy when Stripes, his other friend, asked to borrow his comics. Charlie gave some to him and told him "Bring it back tommorow!" But Stripes didn't listen. He did this many times with many of Charlie's things. That's when Charlie got so mad, he decided to copy him to show Stripes that he didn't like his greediness.

One day, everyone had had it. They decided to meet at the town square to think of a plan to show Charlie a lesson...a plan that would make him not greedy forever. Then, one cat thought of a plan. She decided to say "I'm okay with that. You can take it." whenever Charlie wanted to take something from them. Everyone agreed and they started the next day.

Soon, Charlie saw a cat playing with seashells she found along the beach. Charlie wanted those seashells! He ran right to her and threatened her. Then, he scooped all the seashells in his paws. "Mine!" Charlie said. "I'm okay with that. You can have it," said the cat who found the seashells. Charlie was confused. He walked off with the seashells confused and puzzled. He had never heard a cat say that to him before.

After a year of the trick, Charlie soon got tired of all the "I'm okay" and "You can have it." Then, he realized that he shouldn't be greedy. It's Stripes' problem that he's greedy. It is not okay to copy. Charlie thought about this and decided that he should give every cat their stuff back. 

The next day, Charlie set out to give everyone their stuff. He had all of it in a large wagon. When he was finished, he was very proud and everyone was happy again. Stripes saw this and also decided that he shouldn't be greedy either. 

Stripes apoligized to Charlie and gave back all his stuff. The upset cat was soon happy again and Charlie was also happy.

Charlie was never a greedy cat again.

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