Claw of the Dragon

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Defend the kingdom!

The giant red dragon stood, silhouetted against the fiery sky. It had been causing havoc in the surrounding villages, burning and pillaging. Dragons were smart, so it must have noticed him by now, and Kaqi knew that. But it was his job as a Royal Knight to get rid of these beasts if they troubled the king’s lands. So he stood straight and tall, and called out to the beast.

“Dragon! Come, beast, and fight me! I shall drive you from these lands upon my honor as a knight!”

The dragon slowly looked downward, and it snaked its head toward him. When it spoke, its voice was soft and smooth, yet loud enough that it still echoed throughout the hills.

“Very well, oh noble knight.”

Kaqi drew his gigantic broadsword, and prepared for the onslaught of the dragon. The two stood there for a while, dragon and knight, watching each other, neither wanting to make the first move. Suddenly, however, the dragon roared, and a gigantic inferno of fire poured out of its mouth. Before it reached him, Kaqi dashed to the side, behind a boulder, and unfastened his shield from his back, equipping it on his left arm.

Once he felt confident it was secure, he emerged to face the beast once again. The dragon, losing patience, charged toward him, roaring and flapping its gigantic wings. Kaqi poured his strength into holding his shield to block the charge, but he was barely prepared for the incredible shock wave that burst forth from between his shield and the beast as the dragon struck. Flying backward nearly 30 feet, Kaqi barely managed to stay on his feet.

As soon as he recovered, he retaliated, charging the beast and swinging his broadsword. The dragon was ready for him though, and struck at him with its claws, forcing him to heft his shield upward to block the blow. Then he saw his opening, and Kaqi thrust his gigantic sword as hard as he could, upward into the soft flesh of the dragon’s underside. The dragon roared in pain, and lashed its long tail toward him. Kaqi tried to dodge it, but he was too slow, and went flying through the air, falling several yards away, near the edge of a cliff.

Sudden panic struck him. He realized his sword was still stuck in the beast. All he had was his shield, and the dragon was nowhere near dead. The dragon roared and charged toward him again. He strained to think. What could he do? Where could he run? But as the dragon approached, he couldn’t think of anything. Then, suddenly, he had an idea. His shield had a gigantic spike located in the middle of it. If he could use that, then maybe…

The dragon was less than 5 feet away by then, and he sprung into action. Summoning all of his strength, Kaqi leaped into the air just as the dragon reached him. The dragon tried to stop, but its momentum began to carry it over the cliff and it soared beneath Kaqi. Before it could spread its wings, however, Kaqi fell, and landed – exactly where he wanted to. His giant shield bashed into one of the beast’s wings, tearing it off. Kaqi tumbled to the ground, one of his legs broken from the fall onto the dragon. But he had done his job.

The dragon, which could no longer fly, plummeted over the cliff, falling to its death. The kingdom was safe. For now.

Submitted: November 11, 2019

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