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Ultimately this is upto the reader to interpret the message that is conveyed and also to enjoy the very short piece of work. Thank you.

Submitted: April 11, 2014

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Submitted: April 11, 2014





Colt was stricken with an awful grief of the deeds that had been committed how could he come to terms with himself, looking down at his hands bloodied and gored he begins to tremble and shake inwards violently but on the exterior a slight barely a breath a slight whisper moves throughout his body as if as a shudder but not quite, this was the only action to pass aside from the direct look on his eyes that showed the intent possessed behind the glazed blue windows that are his eyes.


Krugan was beside him palms nestled into his face the muffled screams are the only noise within the large open space that surrounds them, the room looks as if all at once a room full of people dropped their glasses and the mess was left. Kurgan finally looks up pushes back his silky crimson hair, colt watches as his painted hands moves through his hair that is like an alive flame, the two reds clash and meld in a magnificent display.


The blood is reacting, as if the blood its self is alive, but ofcourse it is alive, what is more alive than blood perhaps it was just that Krugan is so lifeless and negative that the blood has reacted with him on such a level that he was gaining some form of humanity.


After wiping the stained hands on his clothes Krugan lets out a chuckle and grins and asks Innocently what happened here? Colt just looks to him and grunts and off they go leaving the metal box they have been in.


Colt always walks infront never knowing where they might end up, could this be how they ended up in that warehouse in the first place colt contemplates for the first time noticing he never plans his whereabouts or where he is going, given the state things were just left in, maybe this is the first time he feels as if he needs direction and can no longer muster it from within.


Aimlessly wandering forward, minute it was it was so incomprehensible, like the ants on the ground we step on each day never paying heed to or the stars above us we never pay attention to, it was so miniscule that not even Krugan notice a slight smirk escaped the lifeless figure that strides forward as he thinks “Why is it forward, how do I know I am going forward, perhaps I am traveling backwards or sideways” Why is it forward, he keeps saying it over and over until without noticing they appear infront of what appears a large stone, towering endlessly upward to what appeared to be the abyss that is the sea of light above them. Krugan now starting to be restless and on edge, receding his lips like a rabid dog displaying its intention to defend itself when in danger making grunting noises and with snap his head has locked onto something fixed in the distance,

Twisting and turning his head as if to ascertain what exactly it is, within a split second, the granules of sand still falling from when they were kicked up from colts boot, before they could even rest back on the ground upon which they were disturbed.


Krugan grunts and like a wolf shoulders recede back and gets on his hands and gallops towards a figure in the distance with such great speed, he has seen a wanderer, who knows what their story is but they have stuck a very bad day indeed to have come across Krugan galloping down leaping at them from atleast 5m from them and in one swift motion taken them down and then a glimpse is seen of the true Krugan, face has turn black teeth protruding out of the cavity that is his mouth, eyes open wide pupils are near non-existent.


Sinking into this poor helpless thing, Colt facing Krugan looks for barely a second as if this is a normal occurrence and continues to inspect this curious obelisk that never ends, About to put a hand on the curious stone to feel the deathly cool touch of black stone with a finish as gleaming as marble, a small breath hits the left side of his body, with the smallest movement of the hair, out of the corner of his eye there is Krugan staring intently at Colt, as if he is his next meal, Sharp sword like teeth exposed blood dripping all over his chest and face his eye sockets look like they are bleeding but not blood they are black as if peering into space itself not seeing anything there lost in the soulless encounter.

Within a blink of Colts eyes Krugan is now inspecting himself looking around as if dazed how he got here in the first place, unsure as to if he is the one injured or if it is someone else’s life force that is staining all his fine cloths he ushers a whelp as if cowering and confused, rests his back against the black stone and sits forehead cuddled between his knees arms locked protecting himself.


Colt eyes closed with one hand resting on the stone slowly draining everything else out.


The end for now.

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