Untitled 1 (My bio poem)

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A piece I written about what I've understood about life...In reverse. (Also my bio poem)


Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



I've Died


I sat down and took the pressure off my mind and feet, but retirement? Ha! When is it that a Black man is ever done in this life? A real BLACK MAN? Just yesterday I was running; like a river runs through vast dry lands. It’s just like me too because no one would just do it a favor and let it in or creep by un-noticed or un-tainted. Nope...We are forced through cracks and crevices. Always going forward…always pushed. And,


I walked all the way here on my lunch break to get just that! A break from the frustrations of my life's work, I figured if I could better understand how life worked, I could master the reins of my life and work - out all that needs to be worked out. Foolish of me to guess and ignorance seems to chase me like the juice I pour into my favorite cup of liquor. Funny how they complement each other, but only one of them is good all by its damn self. That much is common sense, but just to be sure we common sense, which one is it? Or,


Strolling! No job, no care! I'm a kid after all and ignorance is bliss. F*** homework and I'll probably cut school tomorrow because I'd rather stroll and see what the world will bring. The world...I can get dizzy if I try to breathe it all in at once. Better grab my inhaler before I pass out from the excitement of being alive in the world. Truly, it is my playground or sandbox...depending on how you see it fit to be. One thing is for sure though,


I've been born


CRYING...Crying... and crying...

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