The Meaning Of Death

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Spirit? What is the meaning of life?

Confession? What is the need to speak?

Purity? Why to clean your soul?

Existence? Why to fade below?


Crime? Why to kill your mind?

Love? Why to suffer blind?

Justice? Why to be a hero?

Cut? What is the meaning of blood?


Choke? Venom in your thorat

Pain? Feel the blade inside

Death? Don`t you want to live?

God? Why your soul away to give?


Horror? Feel the fear of dark.

Suicide? Think of those behind.

Happy? You don`t have the time.

Mind? You shouldn`t think sublime.


Idols? Why to be as one?

Prayer? Think that prayer is crime

Jesus? He won`t hear your call

Satan? You`re His fucking whore!


War? Your soul is pure...

Blind? From all the rules

Religion? Is a lie.

So is it worth to die ?


...humanity is too weak to stand tall in front of the hypocrisy of those who can`t understand the meaning of death...

Submitted: January 09, 2014

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