Let It Rain

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I wrote this in March/April 2007 for a dance I did at church. We danced and then we did movement to this poem and then finished it with more dancing. It went really well.

Submitted: May 15, 2008

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Submitted: May 15, 2008



Rain, Let it Rain, Rain, Let it Rain, Rain, Let it Rain
Rain, Let it Rain
Holy Spirit fall on me heavily
like the rain that cleans the air
like the shower that cleans my body
rain and clean my soul
For the rain of the Holy Spirit will allow me to let go and be free
Free from those who have killed me
Yes, I have life, physically
but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally
I breath no more
like a fish out of water
I lie lifeless, hopeless, breathless
I walk around with a smile on my face pretending
all is well
when I know deep in side
all is hell
Lies, secrets, guilt
I keep them all hidden with my smiles
corrupted, betrayed, defiled
by the village
mistreated, abused, misused by those who said they love me
negativity, curses, bondage
have slowly, but surely killed my spirit, the mind, these emotions
will they ever live again?
The Holy Spirit which cleans my soul
shall breath new life into my dead spirit
and make this lifeless mind into a living soul

with the help of the Holy Spirit
I can finally do something that will help me live once again
As the rain falls on me I shall forgive
as I forgive I shall receive freedom
and have life once again
Today I have decided, Today I have decided, Today I have decided, Today I have decided
It is time to live again.
1. So to those who betrayed me.
Talked about me behind back and in front. To those who have spread negativity through the power of words against me. To those who have lied in my face, behind my face and enjoyed every minute of it. To those who have wanted to see my down fall for those who have helped my down fall.
You are forgiven
And I pray that you be blessed through the truth of Christ and that God will show his Grace and Mercy on you.
2. To those who have defiled me, abused me, molested me, raped me, to those who used me to keep from withdrawal from your sexual addictions. To those that preyed upon me for their perverted desires, I forgive you.
I pray that you will be healed from you pains, sorrows, addictions, and perversions and that one day you will be able to forgive the one who has abused you the way you have abused me.
3. To those that have corrupted me. To those who have judged me made assumptions and accusations against me. To those who said they knew me, but never knew me, and expected me to be someone I am not and when I failed to be, you tossed me aside like trash. To those that dislike me, hated me, loathed me and had no significant reasons. To those who have cursed me.
You are forgiven

I pray that the rain of the Holy Spirit floods your soul, the passion of Christ fills your spirit and the Love of God soften your heart
All are forgiven
and my mind becomes a free and living soul. And I an no more a victim
The accused is vindicated
the accuser is forgiven
the molested is healed
and the molester is forgiven
the raped is renewed
and the rapist is forgiven
the talked about is protected
and the gossiper is forgiven
All are redeemed through the rain.
Today I have decided to live.
No more pains, no more heartache, no more hurts, no more anguish, no more sorrow, no more regrets, no more suffering, no more guilt, no more shame, no more sadness, no more grief, no more hate, no more unforgiveness, no more stress, no more torment, no more doubt, no more misery
Instead I shall have
peace, love, faith, patience, happiness, joy, beauty, blessings, kindness, satisfaction, mirth, hope, paradise, laughter, felicity, gladness, comfort, grace, mercy, elegance, healing, adoration, enjoyment, life.
Today I have decided to live
Rain, Let it Rain, Rain, Let it Rain, Rain, Let it Rain
Rain, Let it Rain

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