Feeling of Love

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My Story of lost love and hope

Submitted: October 25, 2014

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Submitted: October 25, 2014



Feeling Of Love


Do you know what love is? Do we really know the true meaning behind love?

Is it the flowers and chocolate or is it the sweaty bound between two.

We will never know but something we do know is a feeling between one another.

When you get that fuzzy feeling for one another that is a feeling of love but not love itself

but its crazy we still call that love. Hi im Casey Alexander Kozlowski a 17 year old boy from

Tennessee and you are reading my first book “Feeling of love” sit back and buckle up as i tell you the crazy story of my love life so far


Ask yourselfs a question that not only can't be answered by a professional but can't be solved in your mind. is there such questions out there, is it even possible to come up with one. How about this i will help you out. the question i want you to ask yourself write now is What is love? can't really answer it can you. some will say “Well casey love is what is shared between one another”

then again ill ask you is it physical love or emotional again you might answer “well both casey”

Im here to tell you that your wrong nobody really truly understand the meaning of the word love

Can i tell you something ladies keep it between me and you ok no guy going to be riding in on some fancy horse and sweep you off your feet it just won't happen thats called Fantasies so if you thought this was going to be something sweet and romantic close the book and return it because this book is to tell you what i've been through and why love is a unidentified feeling  


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