The Love Triangle

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Casey-basic the character in this play is me minus the fact I can't play the guitar, loves Marcus from the first moment that she met him
Terri-Casey's best who moved from England in 2001, likes Jake
Jake-has huge crush on Casey, and doesn't know that Terri likes him
Marcus-Terri's twin brother, likes photography, loves Casey from the first moment that he met her

The lights are coming up on a music room, and Casey is playing her guitar, writing a song, and singing.
Casey: (sings, then pauses to write) Why does this have to be so hard? It usually comes so easy to me. (Terri walks in stage right, Casey looks up) Hi Terri, what’s up?
Terri: (walks over and sits down beside Casey) Nothing really, just glad that Mr. Smith’s test is over. Hey (the bell rings) never mind, we’ll talk about it later.
 Casey: (looks kind of confused) Ok, well let’s go to class before we’re late to Ms. Cowart’s room.
Terri: Yeah. The last time we were late she made us stay afterwards to clean her room. (Casey nodes in agreement)
They’re walking down the hall (down stage) and Casey sees a sign for a singer/songwriter by Ms. Cowart’s room.
Casey: Hey look at this. (Reads sign out loud) For all you Up and Coming Artist, here’s your chance to win $500,000 and a recording contract with Hollywood Records. (In amazement) Oh my God! I have to sign up for this.
Terri: You would so win the contest. (Jake walks up from stage left and puts his arms around both Casey & Terri, Terri giggles) Hi Jake, how are you?
Jake: Hey Terri (flirtatiously towards Casey) Hey Casey. So what are my two favorite girls up to?
Casey: I’m fine (removes his arm from her shoulder and signs up for the contest, Ms. Cowart off stage yell Casey’s name) I got to go. See y’all in class.
Jake: (watches Casey go off stage right) So, Casey’s entering a contest? Do you think that if I enter the contest and write an amazing song for her, I could win her heart?
Terri: (looks a little upset that Jake isn’t noticing her) I guess. You never know with Casey. (Blackout)
The lights come back up and we see them in the music room. Casey is holding her guitar; Jake is sitting at the piano, and Terri walking in between both of them.
Casey: So Jake why did you sign up for the contest? I thought that you didn’t like music. The writing, singing, and performing part of it, I mean.
Jake: Oh, I don’t know. I thought it would be fun. (Terri looks some whatmad.)
Casey: Ok whatever. (Turns to Terri) So when does Marcus get here again?
Terri: I talked to him last night on the phone. He said he’s coming very soon. I can’t wait until he gets here!
Jake: Who’s Marcus? (Looking confused by what Casey and Terri are talking about.)
Terri: Marcus is my twin brother. He’s coming over from England.
Jake: Oh, ok. Well why is he coming from England? (Terri turns away to hide the fact that she’s crying. She doesn’t want Jake to see her in a saddened state.)
Casey: Mmm…Jake, that’s kind of a sore subject for Terri. So can we talk about something else?
Jake: Sure. How’s the song coming, Case? (Says that aloud enough so that Terri knows the subject has been changed from why her brother is moving to America.)
Casey: First, don’t call me “Case.” You know how much I hate that. Second, it’s there yet it’s not there at the same time, if you can catch my meaning. (Gets close to Jake to speak in a “whisper” like tone.) Why are you talking so loud and what are you doing?
Jake: That’s good. (Same “whisper” like tone.) So you and I will talk about what’s wrong with Terri later?
Casey: (Just now figures out what Jake was talking about, nods her head.) Jake, what’s your song about?
Jake: Well it’s about.-(The door swings open stage right and Marcus comes in.) Love! Who are you?!
Marcus: Oh, sorry mate. I’m-(Terri screams.)
Terri: (Runs over to Marcus and hugs him tight.) Marcus! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming in early?
Marcus: What? I didn’t tell you last night when I was on the plane.
Terri: (Hits him, then hugs him so more.) No, but that doesn’t matter now that you’re here. I want you to meet me mates. (Points to Jake first.) This guy here is Jake, one of the “coolest” guys around. He knows everyone. (Gestures for Casey to come closer.) And this is me best mate in the whole world, besides you, of course, Casey.
Casey: Hey Marcus (Looks directly into his eyes.) It’s so nice to finally meet you. (Instantly, it is obvious of the chemistry) How was the flight?
Marcus: (Looks at her love struck.) Oh it was fine, long, but fine.
Casey: (Tries to hide the fact that she likes him.) Well that’s good & Terri’s been talking about you nonstop since she heard you were coming.
Marcus: Oh really now? What has she told y’all?
Casey: Just what you’re like.
Jake: Hey, I hate to be rude, (looks away because he does mean to be rude) but can we talk about this over something to eat? I’m so hungry.
Terri: Yeah, Jake’s right. Can we talk about this over something to eat? I’m hungry too.
Casey: Sure (simultaneously)
Marcus: Sure (simultaneously, blackout)
The lights are coming on a pizza parlor. We see Casey sitting in between Jake and Marcus, and Terri sitting on the other side of Marcus. Everyone is laughing at a joke told by Marcus, expect Jake.
Terri: See Casey I told you my brother was funny. (Laughing)
Casey: (still laughing) I never said that I didn’t believe you. (Turns to Marcus, stops laughing by this point) So Terri tells me that you love photography.
Marcus: Yeah, my mom was a photographer and she kind of got me into it. She would always take me with her on shoots, and I just fell in love with it.
Terri: Can we please not talk about mom? (Turns to hide her face.)
Marcus: I don’t see why you don’t like talking about mom. She was an amazing woman, and you’re just like her.
Terri: I’m going to the bathroom. (Exit stage left)
Jake: Will someone tell me what’s wrong with Terri?
Casey: Marcus and Terri’s mother died three months ago, and Terri’s still upset about it. (Jake turns towards Marcus.)
Jake: Marcus, how did your mom die?
Marcus: Look Jake, I wasn’t there at the time, so I don’t know, and I really don’t want to talk about it with someone I just met. (Kind of mad at Jake.)
Jake: Oh ok, I’m sorry I brought it up. But you know that she’s going to have to talk about it sooner or later. (Casey’s phone rings, it’s Terri)
Casey: Hey Terri. (Pauses to let Terri talk.) Okay, we’ll meet you outside. (Blackout)
The lights coming up with Marcus and Casey in the music room. Casey is working on her song. They are trying hard not to look each other in the eyes.
Marcus: Umm…Casey, so what was it that got you into music?
Casey: I couldn’t tell you what got me started. However, I can tell you what made me continued. (Pauses to think) Well, I just fell in love with it. Kind of like you and photography.
Marcus: Wow, I can’t believe that you remember that. Jake seemed to forget when I talked to him earlier. (Turns away and pulls out his camera.) May I? (Holds the camera up.)
Casey: Sure, I guess. (The camera flashes while Casey is playing her guitar.) And by the way Jake does remember. He just doesn’t like you. I don’t know why.
Marcus: (Stops to look at Casey, again with the same love struck look he gave her once before.) You are so amazing. (Forgetting what she said Jake not liking him.)
Casey: I’m amazing? Really? I don’t believe you. (She smirks, then laughs.)
Marcus: Yeah, you are. You have been helped Terri ever since you two met.
Casey: You and Terri have talked about me, I see.
Marcus: Your point? Terri just couldn’t stop talking about you.
Casey: (wondering why Terri wouldn’t stop talking about her to Marcus) What is she “trying” to do?
Marcus: What do you mean by that? (Uses air quotes) “Trying to do?”
Casey: Well it seems to me like she’s trying to get us together or something.
Marcus: Terri has been trying to find someone that she thinks is right me, for what seems like forever
Casey: (confused by what he said) I thought that Terri hasn’t been back to England since she moved here about 9 years ago.
Marcus: Kind of. She’s been back twice in the past two summers.
Casey: (Realization dawns) That’s why we couldn’t hang out during the summer then.
Marcus: (laughs) Yeah that’s why. (Pauses to look at Casey) Now I see why it is that Terri was “trying”, as you put it, get us together.
Casey: I’m sorry, but what do you mean by that? (Marcus starts laughing again.) Stop it. I’m being serious.
Marcus: Okay, okay. Don’t get mad at me, okay. I’ll tell you. (Pauses to take her picture one more time) It’s your laugh, your smile, your songs, (walks closer and closer to Casey) and the way you look when play your guitar. (By this time they’re so close to each other that it looks like they’re about to kiss.)
Casey: I’m starting to see why, too. (Casey and Marcus about to kiss, but Jake comes in and ruins the moment. They step away from each other.)
Jake: Sorry. Did I interrupt something? (He’s happy that he did interrupt them, just doesn’t really show it.)
Casey: (Angry with Jake) It’s okay. We were just talking.
Jake: Really? That close to each other to be talking?
Marcus: We were just talking about her song, Jake. (He’s angry with Jake, too.)
Jake: Look I said I was sorry, if you don’t want to take my apology then fine. I just came in here to work on my song, but if you want I’ll leave.
Casey: No, it’s fine. I was just leaving. (Picks up her guitar and starts to walk away.)
Marcus: Wait up Casey. I’m leaving too. (They exit together stage right.)
Jake: What does that guy have that I do? I’ve known her much longer and I know everything there is know about her. What does Casey see him? (Mad about seeing Marcus almost kiss Casey, hits the piano.) I’ve got to win her heart with my song.  (exits stage right, blackout.)
The lights come up on the auditorium with the judges table down stage left. Jake enters stage right to center stage where there’s a microphone.
Jake: Before I sing my song, I would love to say that the girl who this is about is here. Casey this is for you. I hope that you see who is the better guy. (Music starts and he sings.) We’ve been best friends for long time, but think that we’ve grown closer as time moves forward. You are the one that makes me smile. Love hearing your laugh, seeing you every day. I can’t help but love you. I’m the right one for you. I know that you’ll know in do time. (The music stops)
Announcer: Jake, that’s an amazing song. I hope you get the girl, but we have to let the others have a chance.
Jake: Okay, dude. (Jake exits stage right. Casey enters as he leaves.)
Casey: (shocked by Jake’s song.) Hi. I’m Casey, and I hope y’all like my song. (She starts playing her guitar.) Oh, oh, oh I thought that love didn’t exist until you came from a far off place. You showed me what love was. How it felt. Oh, oh, oh you are the only guy for me. You showed the real you and that’s all I want when it comes to love. (Stops playing her guitar) Thank you.
Announcer: Wonderful, simple wonderful. Judges have you made your decision. (The judges nod.) Will the rest of the contestants come out please? (Terri hands the Announcer an envelope) The winner of the $500,000 and recording contract with Hollywood Records is (drum roll) Casey Michelle Silver.
Casey: Oh my God! I won! (She starts to cry.)
Announcer: So, Casey,(with his arm around Casey.) now that you’ve won which guy are you going to choose? Jake, the guy who wrote you an amazing song or the other that inspired your song?
Casey: Well the other guy’s, as you put it, name is Marcus Alexander Knight. And the guy I choose is Marcus. I’m sorry Jake but I love Marcus.  You’re a great guy, but all you are to me is my friends. That’s all you’ll ever be. (Jake is so sad at this point that he doesn’t see Terri coming over to comfort him. Marcus enters stage right with red roses in his hand.)
Marcus: I’m so happy for you, Casey. (He looks over at Terri and Jake, nods to Terri. Then he looks back at Casey.)
Casey: I know. Now come here. (She pulls him close and kisses him.)
Terri: Jake, I loved your song.
Jake: Thanks. I’m glad someone liked it. (Looks away because his heart is broken.)
Terri: Jake, there’s something that I have to tell you. I love you. I always have.
Jake: (Looks up at Terri) What? What do you mean you’ve always loved me? (Marcus and Casey walk over hand in hand)
Casey: Jake, she means what she said. She has always loved you.
Terri: (Shocked that Casey knew.) How did you know? I never told you how I felt about Jake.
Casey: I just knew from the way that you looked at him. That’s why I didn’t try to get in the way of that.
Marcus: Dude, if you don’t go for my sister then you’re going to miss out on an amazing girl and I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister.
Jake: Well I guess I could give it a try. (Turns towards Terri and grabs her hand) Terri, I would love to take you out this Saturday to the movies.
Terri: (So happy that Jake asked her out) I would love that. (She smiles) But can we make it a double date?
Jake: Why a double date?
Terri: So that Casey and Marcus can come with us. Duh.
Casey: Is that okay, Jake? It would be fun.
Marcus: Yeah mate, it would be a blast
Jake: Sure, but I’m only paying for me and Terri. You’ve got Casey. (He kisses Terri on the check.)
Marcus: I know. Come songbird, let’s leave these two alone.
Casey: Sure. See y’all later. (blackout)

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Michael Barney

haha sounds like High school musical 4!!!!! ha but i think your kinda going for that kind of lighthearted feel so it was good

Thu, May 14th, 2009 1:36am


thanks and if you notice there were only two songs in here
by the way check facebook
and i get what you're saying lol

Wed, May 13th, 2009 6:47pm

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