Let it go Willy

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Naughty boy learns a lesson

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011





LET IT GO WILLY, said his mother with a shriek.

You just can’t lift the cat up by his tail.

But he smiled as he swung- and he held on really tight.

Even when the dangling cat began to wail.


LET IT GO WILLY! boomed the teachers angry voice.

You can’t hold other pupils by their hair.

But he tugged her ponytail, and the girl began to cry

And Willy skipped around and didn’t seem to care


LET IT GO WILLY! Said his brother with a groan,

This is my toy, get your own, it’s not for you.

But Willy pulled it harder, as he jumped around the room.

Till the brand new action figure snapped in two.


LET IT GO WILLY! moaned his father at the fair.

Just take one balloon, you can’t have all the rest.

But who knew the clown was Willy too - till he let go as he was told.

And little Willy floated up without protest.


LET IT GO BOY! screamed the families in the crowd.

As Willy floated, like cloud, above the ground.

But as expected Willy held on tight, and just kept going higher.

They’re still waiting for the poor boy to come down.

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