The Woodwump

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Bullied boy meets lonely creature.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



The Woodwump


Jack lived at home with his parents.

The Woodwump lived in a tree.

Jack loved his parents, but didn’t like school.

And Woodwump was glum as can be.


At school there were bullies, who stole Jack’s lunch money.

The Woodwump was lonely and sad.

Jack would hide during play time, and run from his teasers.

While Woodwump, no friends did he have.


Jack walked home the long way, through the woods to his house.

To avoid any beating or bashing.

When out of a tree, with a whoop and a scream.

A hairy big beast, came a crashing.


Jack leaped up with shock, at this strangest of sights.

Then he thought, ’here’s a friend for the gain’

So he held out his hand, and in his bravest of voices

Said, ‘hello. how’d you do? What’s your name?’


Well the beast was quite puzzled buy this strange looking thingy.

This tall, ugly, pasty, thin lump.

But his heart did a flip at the thought of a friend.

So he held out his hand and said ‘Wump’


They ran and they played, they laughed and they joked.

Till Jack’s tea, brought the games to an end.

‘Till tomorrow’ they said, then they went their own way.

Overjoyed with their newly best friend.


The next day the bullies were rampant

Throwing hard kicks and punches, and stones

Jack couldn’t wait, for the last bell to come.

Only this time they followed him home.


As Jack ran through the woods, to escape his attackers.

Woodwump emerged from the sticks.

He said to his best friend ‘so these are the bullies’

‘It’s time that I showed you a trick.’


With a crack and a crunch and groan and a creek.

The Woodwump grew big as a bus.

When the bullies caught up, well Jack just had to laugh.

At the whimpering, blubbering fuss.


But the pleading was wasted, it fell on deaf ears,

And soon it was clear they were stuck.

Then to Jack’s great surprise, before he could blink.

The Woodwump had gobbled them up.


There’s a moral there somewhere, like don’t be a bully.

Or beware of the things that go bump.

But keep your head up when you walk through the woods.

You don’t know you might just see a Woodwump.




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