Tears Within The Rain

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She was heart broken by him one to many times, but he still holds her heart. Just as she holds his heart.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013






Rain poured down with each step she took. Today was one of the worst days of her life. She couldn't’t


believe that she was that stupid to believe he would show up. Everything they had together was


destroyed. The rain now felt like bullets and hurt her bare arms. She hated the she decided to wear this


floral print dress and flats that now felt like puddles with each step she took. Her ponytail waved back


and forth as she walked, mascara streaming down her face.


 A streetlight flickered on up ahead and she could  see that she was getting closer to home. Her parents


would kill her for walking home this late, alone, and soaking wet. But right now it didn't’t really matter.


What mattered was he actually had the nerve to break her once again and smacked it into a million




 A bus dashed past her on the street and came to a halt at a bus stop about ten feet away from her. Her


heart pounded like a drum as she saw who stepped off the bus.


 It was him, it really was him. With his tall and muscular stature, short dark brown hair, eyes that


seemed to shine like stars, but this time no smile, his face was like ice, cool and clear. In no time at all his


collared-green shirt and baggy jeans were drenched. She could smell his musky cologne; he had really


over done it.


 She stood there as solid as a statue as he walked up to her. The next thing they knew was that they


were face to face. For moments they stood there without speaking a word. Finally he explained how


sorry he was, how he didn't’t mean to say those things, and how happy he really had been to be there


with her.


 She said nothing then turned away.


 All of a sudden he grabbed her hand and she turned back around to face him. She explained how she


felt, that she had been so happy when he asked her to come, how she thought that he really liked her as


more than just a friend.


There and then, they said in prefect unison, “I love you”, and kissed.


 As they stepped away from each other, he held her hand and began to walk her home. Once again they  


had been shot by cupid’s arrow; the problem was that they had no idea how long the effects would last.


But they didn't’t care, for all they knew the world could be ending.  But that didn't’t really matter, right


now all that mattered was they had each other.


  He wrapped his arm around her waist; she placed her head on his shoulder and smiled. The sky had


stopped weeping and the moon smiled down on them as they shared one last kiss.


© Copyright 2019 Cassandra Wakeling. All rights reserved.

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