I am an Aries

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I have an interesting personality and I butt heads with people sometimes. I wrote this poem to describe myself and my actions. Read it, maybe we are a like.

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012





June 5, 2012



I am an Aries,

I take initiative.

Bold and self-confident

I have a motto of crash through, or crash.

I am headstrong,

I am a ram.

Good at hiding my fears

I either have a good attitude or bad,

there is no in between.

Once my mind is set there is no going back.

Try to change my opinion and I’ll end up changing yours,

I am a fighter.

Birthstone of a diamond,

so I am purified under pressure.

Highly-strung my temperature runs high.

I do not always think things through,

but I am quick to apologize

I am a friend.

Subject to head injuries and headaches

just shows I won’t back down.

I don’t even know my own limits,

and that can hurt me.

I am aggressive.

I fall prey to stress,

but I am quick to reorganize.

I’ll fix my house of cards just as quick as it can fall.

I am Independent.

Just as my birthstone is made by old coal,

I take the bad and make it good.

Though my attitude isn’t always positive

I will come out on top.

I am self-motivated.

I will defend my friends to the end,

have their back in all situations.

They know they can trust me

I will not backstab,

I am loyal.

Due to my intense drive to succeed,

I have my insecurities

Nothing big enough to keep me down

at least not for too long,

I am strong.

Challenges are accepted with pleasure,

I will be at the front of the pack.

because I do not like to follow

I will second guess authority,

I am self-reliant.

I do not trust most people,

it is too easily to be let down.

That is why I take charge,

I’d rather do it my way.

I am a leader.

I’ll do things without thinking

which leads to a few regrets,

but I learn quickly.

I won’t make the same mistake twice,

I am a discoverer.

I can be frank,

but I believe honesty is the best policy.

My jokes are dry and filled with sarcasm.

I have an attitude of if you don’t like me I don’t care.

I won’t change my ways to make you happy,

but I usually get along with everyone.

I am confident.

I don’t give up on someone,

I believe in second chances and forgiveness.

I can hold grudges,

but I get over it

I am loving.

I have a nature of push, or be pushed

move or I’ll move you.

It’s hard for me when people don’t move at my pace,

but I always want to help

sometimes I need to just slow down and listen.

I am understanding.

I like to give advice to others,

but I find it hard to hear it myself.

My advice is direct and candid,

I don’t like liars and cheats

I am fair.



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