He is Free

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The passion of a majestic horse who is free

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



A cool breeze blows over a sea of grass; rolling the green carpet under and over while the crisp morning sun filters in through the full branches of forest trees. Wild flowers carefully open their canvas petals and sigh happily as light rays seep color into each one. Birds sing symphonic melodies as they flit from one perch to the next. White-tailed doe's poke their heads out of the wakening forest and timidly search for any possible danger; their sleepy young dabbling behind them.

 In the midst of it all, a glistening stallion emerges from behind a large tree trunk. His grand head sits erect upon his arched neck and his forelock sways to the motion of his gait. His blood bay body shimmers in the morning sun and his breath mists as it hits the air. A blinding glow has draped itself over the peak of his brow, the curve of his neck and the swoop of his back. Prancing into the prairie; he tests the ground with his hooves. Lifting his nose to the sky he tests the silky flow of air.

Suddenly, he springs forward. The earth shudders at the force of his body leaping. For a moment his hooves struggle with the ground for speed. The next, he shoots off across the expanse of flowing grass, his great head tossed in the air, his jet black mane thrown in all directions. The ground beneath him shrinks back in fear of his greatness; he smiles as it rushes past under his hooves. His broad chest rises and falls as he fills his lungs with the fresh air. A gleam fills his eyes at the thrill of flying across the fields.

Finally, he stops at the top of a rolling hill. The wind sweeps down over him. Deep from his chest a sound begins to form. It rises up and up; creating a passion that burns within him. It almost chokes him as it ascends. Opening his mouth, the sound bursts forth across the open space. It is the call of freedom. Leaning back on his haunches, he climbs up into the air and thrusts out his front legs. He will not be contained. He is free.

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