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Ok so I am trying this is my first challenge (:
Ok so you had to pick a movie and a number from 4-10
My movie was Titanic and my number was 9 (:
My words were ; ;


Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008





He spyed her one evening ;

About her downfall ;

A mental break down ;

She felt nothing at all .


She wanted to jump ship ;

to fall to her death ;

She disliked her life ;

So as she took a deep breath ;


His voice came so strong ;

yet soft and serene ;

The magic inside the moment ;

Was an unnoticable dream .


He took her hand ;

as she turned to stop ;

Out of nowhere she slipped ;

Ready to drop ;


Aboard this ship ;

Awaiting her watery doom ;

Would she die in vain ?

But instead her fate was soon ;


He pulled her back up ;

He had saved her life ;

The Spark in her eyes ;

was enough to end strife ;


Amazed at his kindness ;

She thanked him with her time ;

They began a fall of love ;

As silent as a mime ;


He looked into her eyes ;

At a party down below ;

They realized then and there ;

Their bond would only grow .


The Passion then increased ;

Her fiance never knew ;

as soon as he found out ;

His anger only grew .


She wandered back after the run ;

With her boyfriend Jack Dawson ;

Rose had made love to him ;

And comitted an act of treason ;


Out upon the deck ;

There was an errie feeling about ;

there was something dangerous ;

about to happen no doubt ;


The watch-men spotted it ;

The iceberg getting near ;

Jack and Rose then panicked ;

And held their hands so dear .


The ship had hit the iceberg ;

And it wasn't a good sign ;

when the ship began to tilt ;

No longer was the captian begnin .


The ship mates started to panic ;

The lifeboats filling to the brim ;

Women and children get on first ;

Their outlooks started to get grim .


When Jack had gotten Rose aboard ;

She jumped to get back on the ship ;

He was happy she was there ;

But sad that she couldn't get a grip ;


He wanted her safe ;

But she just refused ;

She wouldn't part from him ;

but they weren't amused .


The band of strings saw their death ;

but instead of feeling fear ;

They played an upbeat toon to calm ;

The people who death neared ;


Softly carressing peoples minds ;

The tune drifted around ;

Everywhere you looked ;

regret was always found ;


When the ship was vertical ;

Jack had made a plan ;

Jump into the deep abyss ;

so that was his demand ;


As they jumped they held their breath ;

Wating for the icey water to hit ;

As soon as it did Jack grabbed a board ;

And helped Rose upon it ;


They were cold and they were numb ;

Her eyes were filled with pain ;

He said that he loved her ;

she promised to never let go in vain ;


He took his last breath ;

as his body went limp and pale ;

She started to cry ;

but couldn't let a wail ;


The rescue boat had found the scene ;

and utter pain for all to see ;

as lovers and children ;

no more would be ;


After Jack had fallen into the darkness ;

as tears rolled down her face ;

she looked around and found a whistle ;

around a lifeless face ;


She swam over to him ;

and blew the whistle ;

as hard as she could ;

though the soft sound made her dismal ;


Her desolate disposition ;

she willed to try again ;

a sound came out ;

and they heard her then ;


When asked her name ;

Rose DeWitt Bukater was not said;

With a glossy look she told them ; 

Rose Dawson  instead ;


The heart of the ocean ;

was inside her treach coat pocket ;

A souvinere of untimely death ;

memories couldn't stop it ; 


True love was found between the two ;

True love was never lost ;

He was always in her heart and dreams ;

Who knew true love could be disasterous .


© Copyright 2018 Cassie Lawson. All rights reserved.

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