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A short writing I did to release.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



If I could, I would change the mistakes I’ve made in life I don’t feel right thinking bout regrets till im sick trying to stay strong to change to a future with no more stupid mistakes life is to short to be ignorant smoke to cope its my only medicine no friends could ever understand my daily struggle  feelin like I might use my muscle to pay these bill or I might hustle. I’m not sure of the answer try to stay positive with my head up maybe the time I’m serving will seem faster. The only jobs available for me are the one’s they can keep. I’m in over my head but not six feet deep. Until I’m dead I’ll be fighting cant do much without money so I release through my writing hope you understand this was never the plan just doing what I can I am in school but who knows where this will lead prolly wasting time trying to find where I’m suppost to be.

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