Love? What is this foolish thing you speak of?

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love, what else do you expect?

Submitted: July 15, 2011

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Submitted: July 15, 2011



 a sweet touch 

a gentle caress

a lover's love

strong even under duress

we have it to hold

want it with us when we grow old

a lover's love


and timeless

a sweet rose and fairy tale

deceptive, yet bold

the luckiest persons in the world

are the ones who of this hold

a lover's love

agonizingly true

that love which knows no bounds

the closest thing we have to magic

which makes us like their perfections, and love their flaws

a love which carries you through time

a love that holds you in its hearth

a love with a great big fat girth


in its simplicity and complexity


love that makes you yearn as if it were greater than food, air and water

perhaps it is

a love you would do anything for,

a love you can feel even if it has never been physically felt

love that transcends lives

love, as it were,  that is the only reason for which you exist

love that makes you rage and squabble with pain

love that causes you pain

love that harbors your very soul, constant, true, unfalteringly so

it is love that is love,

i suppose in a way, makes us human

we are only human, if we can feel that one true emotion,

love, and that's what it is, love is love

it came out of nowhere

obnoxious in its mirth

and showed us to be kind, to show itself, to create more, we learned

not only a lover's love, but,


that is love

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