The Word Love; More Than A Word

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Ok so i think the word love is overused today . I don't like how people use the term , it bothers me .

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



When I look at the youth of today, and see what they say and do, me being one of them, I notice the smallest of things. One thing I am noticing is that kids today will walk up to something and say something like, "Oh My GOD i LOVE that" or sometimes, when a guy they like ask's them out, when they say goodbye after accepting, they might say "Bye baby i LOVE you !"  the way it is used is bothering me .

I don't use the word that much and I would think that it USED to have a certain meaning to it. Today in the world, its diminishing to nothing but a word. No emotion at all. And kids today, teens, will say they had sex, do you hear the term made love anymore ? I don't ): .The word love is, like growing up in a harmful environment. You start out so pure and something small yet strong,  but when you are subjected to being used and abused, you gorw unnoticed, invisible, meaningless. I think that people today have more problems than they can handle.

If you didn't know, and no i am for sure not the least bit racist! But african americans can have 'all black' clubs and pubs, but white men can't even have a night like that anywhere. I understand that we had done much damagee that shouldn't have happend in the revolutionary time, but that doesn't mean we must make it like that again almost only backwards. I would honestly like to see equality, because our wars prove that we don't necisarily have that :/ .

For those of you who may think a word is a word, yes. But also in contrast, a word may be a word but it illuminates an emotion behind the meaning. Love - to have strong feelings towards; when did love become an emotionless drone added to our vocabulary?

When did love become something that people couldn't wait for ? I am serious, children today will freak out, and my friend [no names for privacy] S.S , is an example of true love. She had made love to her boyfriend, and his granparent found out, resulting in the overreactment of her mother. She had just ran out of B.C the week before, and he had no condom. But he alsoo promised the same that my boyfriend had promised. To be there. Through everything. Her mother is refusing to let her see him for the next two years.

I understand you will be sad, she suffers from bi-polar depression like I do,  she has been crying. But if you believe your love is true, waiting is just something else it will overcome. I made a few sayings, and i thought they were good.

"Love has its hard times and speed bumps. But true and pure love over sees them."

I understand what she feels, my grandparent, i live with them, don't like me and my boyfriend being together. He is just 18 and i am just 14. But true love can wait if it is pure. Pure and true.

People say they see the love in the eyes of their other. Love can be exerted through body parts and actions, but love itself comes from not just the heart, the body and soul. You have to love yourself if you can ever truly love another. Yeah you might love them, but they will teach you to love yourself.

To know if you love, you must dig inside your heart and mind. Get that answer, and you will see. But if you feel them in your soul, they will never leave and they are the one.

Well haha ADHD kicked in and i lost track xD


well comment and hope you see my point.


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