One More Time!!!

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Loveless Desire

Submitted: August 20, 2011

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Submitted: August 20, 2011



Dina had already celebrated her 16th birthday but yet had not enjoyed pleasures of being a woman. Her simple looks on top of her conservative family, who kept her warned about their background all the time, did nothing to help her. Frustration was building up with every passing day and becoming unbearable with the knowledge of what her friends were enjoying and she was being deprived of.

Every time she looked at a good looking guy she felt her pussy being wet with anticipation but nobody who showed interest could go any farther given the fear Dina harbored about her parents knowing about it.

But that very day was different as she continued to witness.  Aaron had been one of her dream guys with all male elements and his fathers ‘money’ element. With all the females running around him for his attention, Dina had also started to fantasize about him. But with Dina’s simple looks Aaron was certainly out of her league. Hence she focused on someone she had better chances with i.e. his friend Colton. Colton was surely not a bad choice for the outing that was being planned by the group. Colton with his flirting smile was one other favorite among gals.  So when Colton finally did pay attention to Dina, she could only jump at the opportunity.

As decided, Dina reached Aaron’s farm house with Colton and was joined by many other couples who seemed to be very familiar with the place and mood. As drinks kept flowing in, couples became more oblivious to the surroundings.

Dina had been to the parties but she never let herself flow with the mood. But today, she decided to let go of her inhibitions and get some hands-on experience by not trying to stop searching hands of Colton. On second thoughts, the drinks that Dina had been taking should be given credit for her courage. As the prelude continued, Dina realized she was enjoying it as much. The feel of Colton’s hand on her very private parts was setting her on fire and making her hungry for more. She was in a daze when she realized that Colton was lifting her up.

Colton responded to her querying glance with a flirtatious smile and angled towards a room upstairs. Hot with craving, Dina clings to him while he carried her to room. Once in room, Colton unbuttoned her top and got rid of her skirt. While fantasizing about Colton last night she had not thought of her reaction in this situation when she will find herself naked in his arms. She felt suddenly shy and started to pull away. Colton too hot to accept this tantrum started stroking her bottom and pulling her towards her male erection.

That hurts. Suddenly not ready for this change of scene Dina tried to push him farther. Colton, mad at this point, tears apart panty and bra that was the last bits of clothes left on her body. In desperation Dina started shouting and tried to run away. As she approached the door, she found Aaron opening the door and entering.

The first reaction on seeing Aaron was of relief which unfortunately did not last very long. As Aaron appraised her all feminine naked figure, he started to walk towards her. Nothing in the looks that he gave her, told her that his intentions were any different from that of Colton.

Seconds later she found herself sandwiched between Aaron and Colton. Though scared, Dina found herself excited about the situation. Two of her fantasies coming together to become one in this eventful day. As Aaron started to explore and tease her soft rounded breasts she started to whirl in the pool of desire. She was also very aware of the male erection touching her naked stomach and bottom. As understanding the new equation, Colton lets Aaron take the lead. Never leaving her trembling body, Aaron guided Dina to the bed. It did not take long before she was in bed and Aaron lay on top of her. Wet with excitement she welcomed Aaron inside her, until she realized he was too big for her first experience. As Aaron kept thrusting himself inside her, Dina tried to pull herself out of his embrace to lessen the increasing pain.

Heavy moans and cries coming out of Dina’s helpless body aroused Aaron as never before.  He tightened his hold on her and squeezed her breasts with the roughness of a fully aroused man on the verge of satisfying his needs. Finally when Aaron could not hold it any longer her came inside her. Dina was still trying to get to terms with her pain and a missing layer of tissues when she felt Aaron’s cock leaving her most private part and another cock entering her. She tried to get up but was restrained with a set of hands who had just explored her most intimate parts few moments ago.

Tears, wetting her cheeks and moans becoming begging, she felt the momentum of cock increasing. Colton squeezed her already bruised breasts which she could no longer bear. Hands captive she tried to move her legs. On sensing the movement, Colton lifted her legs in air and increased the force of his thrusts. Juices flooded her vagina and were added by cum from Colton’s cock as he also came in.

Dina reached for her Vagina as Colton left her and Aaron let her go. She put her hand on it to reduce the pain, not thinking of the provocative pose it made. Aaron reached for her hand and replaced it with his own. He made Dina part her legs wide and keep her twice fucked vagina on display.

As if attracted by the beauty of his own work, he found himself lowering down to lick the pinkness. Soothing softness of Aaron’s tongue and lips felt heavenly. As if on cue, Colton also started to nibble the peaks. Contrast of roughness of seconds ago and the softness and caress of this moment had her excited and juices flowing.

She was sure of having her desire fulfilled one more time when she heard the knock on the door. Her mother entered shouting and Dina was too shocked to respond. She couldn’t help taking a sigh of relief when she left after reciting another paragraph on sleeping until late everyday.

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