the "kool" catastrophe

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well this article is just about a personal view of how people treat the English language. there is nothing that i have "preached" here. just tried to extract some humor out of the whole scenario presented.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



I don't know how to start introducing this topic to the reader. It's almost as if the subject is so seriously "hep" or even sensitive, that it's beyond me to give a fitting homage to it. Back in the restaurant, when I was scribbling what to write on napkins, a world of thoughts were flooding my mind. And I wasn't fast enough to scribble everything down. But despite what I did manage to jot down, now I'm still hopelessly searching for words.

Back in those good old days when things were rather real (that is when apple would mean apple the fruit and not some Apple the crazy omnipotent technology), we were taught spellings in school. One modest word that I remember is "cool" which back in those innocent times, it's meaning was very clear to me, I never had to struggle to remember this word, nor did I have to worry about correct usage. It was like every other word, simple, humble and modest. Most importantly, unmolested.

Then came the gadgets. Well, I may be wrong at this, but weird short forms were born when people started becoming "tech savvy". "The" became "da" and so on (of course I don't need to specify because people are now quickly forgetting or proudly ignoring the painstaking long forms of words. I bet one of the reasons for this is long forms are the opposite of "kool"). Well I'm considerate enough to empathize on people who text a lot via phones. I myself get sick sending hundred messages a day, and life is made a lot simpler with the gift of short forms. But what is up. Wait. WASSUP with the word "cool"? how does typing it as "kool" make it easier?

It was as if a whole alien language was slapped on me. I'm pretty sure most people of my age or generation will make a face,get agitated at my non-hep ways and comment, "dude. wassup wit u? go tke a chill n stp wstin tym on stpid thngs!!" But you know, I cannot help it. At first, I used to believe that I'll get the hang of it, but no. They disturb me to quite an extent. And what disturbs me a slight bit more is that,other people have embraced it so warmly. And soon, it was very natural for "cool" to be spelled "kool" or sometimes "kul". And to add to my amusement, there is a way to use this auspicious word. A way of expression,a way of the body language. It also came with a hint of an accent. As if it's only some elite class of "kool" people can truly decipher it's depth of meaning and usage. People around me took no time to realize the potential of this dynamite of a word. To illustrate their expression more carefully, "kool" sometimes became "kooollll" or "kkkoooool". And pretty soon, many things in this world were praised with "kool". For example, beautiful landscapes became kool, people doing social work were kool, road accidents too were kool. Literally everything in this world became kool. Such was the flexibility of the word. And such was the hospitality offered by it.

And to me, it continues to be an inscrutable mystery. For each time a see the word, I wonder, "What's with the number of o's?" and also, "why 'k'? why indeed". I could never make any sense of the 'k'. And sometimes I think, "How can such a difficult word be spelled with so much ease? how indeed."

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