prison of the damned

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

prison for killing. a man who is sentenced to death but dies three days earlier...why is this?

 Darkness. Smoke. Headlights at the end of the alleyway. Tom Newman walked through this alleyway every night. Little did he know this would be the last time he would ever walk...A shadow moves in the corner of his eye. Tom looks but nothings there, he was scared that’s all. He kept walking towards an open sea food restaurants back door to get closer to the light. He heard his footsteps in the puddles, but then there was one off beat...two off beat...Tom’s heart beet faster, he was being followed? He quickened his pace, his breathing became more rapid.
 Suddenly a searing pain ran down his back. He’d been slashed; Tom fell to the floor looking up towards the starless sky. A shadow stood over him. He could see the man clearly now. The man who had just killed him...he was tall; dark haired and dark eyed with a scruffy beard and messed up hair. The killer stood above him and said one thing before driving a knife through poor tom’s heart...
 “Life’s a bitch” those were the last words Tom heard before everything went dark.
 The next few months for Tom’s wife were excruciatingly painful. Police investigations, finding the man and locking him away in prison. The court trial was very...odd as the judge charged the man with manslaughter but sentenced this man to death? Was this man going to re-open capital punishment for the U.K to witness? The strangest series of events had finally led their way to the killers’ door.
 The killers name isn’t important but what happened to him is; so you’re going to be him, fill his shoes, to find out why this man finally hung himself in his cell three days after arriving and three days before he was going to die anyway...
 I remember the bus ride there, four Men all shackled up to the pole on the front of the bus. I was sat at the very front. The driver and guards weren’t nervous as they knew we were handcuffed and ready to go...
I remember getting off the bus and the first line anyone said to me was;
 “Hang yourself now, before they take away that privilege!” An old man screamed through a fence to my right. I should have taken his advice then but I’m sure the guy had a very long sentence and had gone mad...yeah!
 I was lead through all the searches including the strip search which a very sexy woman did. One bad side to that when I asked for her number, she looked at me funny then shoved two of her fingers up my...
 “Ouch!” I screamed through the prison “you...bitch!” her finger went further, the pain increased, “o.k. I take it back he’s the bitch!” I pointed to a small looking warden...I wouldn’t think he was gay...well he replaced her fingers with...his own personal private parts. That hurt a lot more!
 I spent the next few days walking like a constipated penguin...but something eerie happened on the third night...I’ll never forget it even though I’m now dead. I was walking back to my cell; it seemed like a normal corridor walk until the lights flickered. I saw a dark figure stood at the end of the corridor. It was a hooded figure with its arms pointing in my direction.
 I instantly thought it must have been a guard playing games with me. But then I got a sharp pain in my chest. The figure didn’t speak it just watched as spirits came out of the walls. The spirits were pure white and were dressed in cross time periods. Some from 1600, some from today. They all came up and taunted me as I screamed in pain. They stole part of my soul. I know it.
 I woke up in cold sweat. I looked around hoping it was a dream but I was still in the corridor. No guards seem to be in this building. No guards past the first building outside these fences, doors opened automatically and closed automatically. I wandered around the prison until I came to the conclusion I was alone.
 “Your test is to escape.” Came a voice over the intercom, a cold half hearted beastly voice. “Or we will kill you, you have three days then we come for you.”
 I panicked. I mean I was going to die in six days but I wanted to live through all of those days. I looked around and it was all empty. I went back to my cell hoping to hide...the door opened...
 “Argh!!” I screamed, at least thirty bodies of people I knew were in there “shit!”
 I saw my wife face amongst the bodies. How the hell had it ended up twisted in there with all these...well I thought they were convicts until I examined a few more faces. My old science teacher, my ex-girlfriend and even my old Dog.
 “This is fucking screwed up man!” I screamed and ran along the corridors “HELP!! FOR FUCK SAKE SOMEONE WAKE ME UP!!”
 Nobody came...I wasn’t asleep...I was going to die...soon.
 Arms cupboard...guards guns were sill in there. I picked one up. There was a noise coming from outside the door to my right...I raised the pistol. I looked at the door and squeezed to the biting point of the trigger but didn’t fire as a normal alive man came through the door.
 “I...I...was just...just...passing...” the man said “just friend.”
 “Take arms.” I said to the guy, stood next to me looking spooked “and follow me, we’re getting out of this shit whole!”
 I used to be in the British army, but I used American phrases. We found some TNT, dynamite and radio’s. We planted some explosives near a back door that seemed week.
 “O.K, explosives in place...” I said over the radio, “I’ve always wanted to say this; armed and ready, bring the reign!”
 The door exploded but what was on the other side I was so scared of...the hooded figure. Spirits came through the new gap and I ran...I kept running through winding corridors, I fired a few shots in their direction but the bullets passed right through them...even the hooded figure.
 “Round two armed and ready, bring the reign!” I shouted down my radio
 There was a big explosion next to my right ear that blew me off my feet. The spirits weren’t affected by the blast. They swooped down on me and took another part of my soul...I feared they may take more than I want them to...maybe more than I have.
 I woke up in my cell...two days later...a rope was next to my bed tied into a noose. I grabbed the rope and hung it from a thick water pipe above my cell door. I put the loop around my neck and kicked the drawers I’d placed there from under me. I chocked as the last tear I will ever cry came out, this was punishment for the lives I had taken’s a bitch

Submitted: January 08, 2008

© Copyright 2020 cassumofkenny. All rights reserved.

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cris x

i like the air of mystery behind your writing.

Tue, January 8th, 2008 4:18am


well i was witting a book on my laptop that wasnt going well so i did that to see if it works at all thanks..

Wed, January 9th, 2008 9:18am

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