The Fire Next Time

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There is a Fire in me which I want to show everyone !

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012




"The Fire next Time"


When I got convicted for no crime ,

My soul told it would be the Fire next Time.


I was not able to control my mind,

There were no memories I couldn't leave behind,

There was a time when I was left all alone,

Then all my expectations I outshoned.

At the end I was unable to start again,

Now all my challenges I threw down disdain,


All lights went out , when I shined ,

Come criticize me ,but that will be the Fire next Time!


Lamentings and condemnations had come in my roads,

But now as water in the stream,away they flowed,

There was a time, when no was there to stand by me  \"sad\"

But now I don't care and i feel like I'm free,

I'm going to tear off this roof with the Rage !

I'm that Bird which cannot be caught in any cage !


So if anyone ever tries to pull you down,

Or if your talents are forced to hide under the ground,

Or if you feel yourself in a position of mine,

Just tell everyone that you gonna be the Fire next Time !!!



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