An End in Sight

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Everyday that goes by is accompanied by another reason to leave. How can any human being deal with such a person?

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



I cant really say

That i didnt see it going this way

There seems to be a light shining

But it isnt a sun ray


Its her with a flashlight

Aiming at my face in the dead of night

waking me from my fantasies

Desperately searching for a fight


Anything said she is quick to debate

Anything bought shes slow to appreciate

At first we were filled with love

but now i can taste some hate


I hear the little things she desires

The things i wouldnt hesitate to buy her

Id would put the world in her hands

Oh goddamn i hate that little liar!


Others draw hearts on her face

When i said i love you, she wanted space

All the effort ive ever put in to us

had never recieved an ounce of praise


I knew to well what she saw in other guys

but when it came to me it was lies

i see myself sinking in a pit of sand

And i hear people gossiping why he still tries?


This lady will be the death of me

I cant tell if she does it purposely

But i know its dissolving

And the end i can finally see



And.. now that i see this thought

and the anguish shes brought

My shoulders feel weightless

I feel happy, and i feel it a lot

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